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Moving checklist

Whether it’s across town or across the country, moving can be stressful. Use this moving checklist in the months leading up to your move to make moving experience as stress-free as possible.

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1Take inventory and purge

Two to three months before your move, start going through every room of your house. Decide which items you aren’t taking on your move and think about whether you can donate, sell or repurpose them. Any items you don’t use regularly and want to sell should go eBay or Craigslist now. You don’t want to deal with negotiating and selling household goods and clothing right before you move. If any items you are moving will require extra insurance coverage or special packing, start making arrangements for that now, too.

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2Put together a moving binder

A three-ring binder with pocketed dividers can help you keep track of your inventory, estimates from moving companies, receipts, your child’s school records and other important paperwork related to your move.

3Pre-packing prep

Check out our printable moving checklist for pre-packing prep and packing tips. The list includes everything from comparing prices of moving companies to cancelling your gym membership to forwarding your mail. Print out the list and stick it on your refrigerator. Check off items as you accomplish them.

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4Alert important parties

About a month before your move, notify important parties such as banks, credit card companies and health care providers about your move. Obtain copies of your medical records, insurance policies and other pertinent paperwork if you don’t already have them.

5Reconfirm arrangements

Two weeks before your move, contact your moving company to verify arrangements for your moving day. Be sure that you have a written, binding quote and you understand guarantees, damage reimbursements and any possible additional fees. Now is also a good time to take your car for a tune-up if you’re going to be driving cross-country for your move.

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6Finish packing

The week before you move, you should finish packing everything in your house except the essential items you’ll need the last few days. Refill any prescriptions you might need a week in advance. One to two days before moving day, defrost your refrigerator and make sure it’s empty for transport.

7Moving day

Hooray, it’s moving day! When the moving truck arrives, verify that the USDOT (Department of Transportation) number on your estimate matches the number on the side of the truck — you don’t want to get scammed. Before the movers leave your home, sign the inventory list and get a copy.

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