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Hollywood Goes Green: Leonardo DiCaprio

Just when you didn’t think you could hear more about how “green” Hollywood is, we’re bringing you the Hollywood Goes Green series. Sure, we sometimes scratch our heads wondering how celebs who live in 20,000-square-foot homes, charter private jets and own 10 vacation compounds call themselves green because they drive a Prius. But as it turns out, being green means more than using less electricity and carpooling. Check out our weekly pick for the top green celebrities in Hollywood. This week, we focus on Leonardo DiCaprio.


Leonardo DiCaprio needs no introduction. Many of us girls think he’s a hottie (he’s come a long way since the Basketball Diaries, right?!) and everyone can appreciate his acting skills. And he’s recently back on the market after his split with Bar Rafaeli … just in case you wanted to get in line.

But we’re not here to discuss Leo’s good looks or acting talent. It turns out that DiCaprio is an environmentalist who loves the earth and gives back. Not only does he use his mega-star status to raise awareness of environmental issues, but he also becomes personally involved and present. Let’s take a look at some of his contributions.

leondardo-dicaprio-green-celebThe Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation

Ever committed to the environment, DiCaprio created the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation in the late 1990s, well before being green was the hot thing to do in Hollywood. He launched the Leonardo DiCaprio Eco-Site in 2002 as a way to get others to participate. The foundation raises awareness of environmental issues important to DiCaprio.

The actor walks the walk, too, having served on the board of trustees of the Natural Resources Defense Council, the Board of Global Green USA and the honorary board of directors of International Fund For Animal Welfare.

Last year, DiCaprio donated $1 million to the World Wildlife Fund to help with tiger conservation efforts. DiCaprio was a WWF board member and traveled to Nepal and Bhutan with WWF experts.

The 11th Hour

DiCaprio produced and narrated The 11th Hour, a film that “explores how we’ve arrived at this moment — how we live, how we impact the earth’s ecosystems, and what we can do to change our course.” The 11th Hour debuted at the 2007 Cannes Film Festival.


DiCaprio co-produced this 13-part series about the town of Greensburg, a town that was completely destroyed in a 2007 tornado. The series on Green Planet chronicles the rebuilding process — the town is rebuilt, but in an unusual way: To one of the greenest in the country. DiCaprio also sat on the board of advisors at Planet Green. Commendable for his involvement in a project that greatly benefited so many people, he has stayed true to his green commitment.

… and everything else

Drop by DiCaprio’s Facebook page and you’ll see how he uses his celebrity status to bring attention to environmental issues. Currently, he’s promoting awareness of an effort to ban the sale of shark fins in California to protect a species that faces extinction.

DiCaprio is also well known for skipping chartered flights to avoid the waste and hopping on commercial flights, having driven a green car (although rumor has it that’s no longer the case) and giving both his time and money to too many organization to list.

He’s hot, he cares and he shows it. Leonardo DiCaprio definitely earns his spot on our Hollywood Goes Green caring celeb list!

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