8 After-school snacks for a hot day

Jun 1, 2011 at 10:48 a.m. ET

Give your kids a refreshing snack to help them cool down after a hot day at school.

Girl eating watermelon

1Have a blast with watermelon

Kids love watermelon, and so do parents! That's because watermelon is chock full of vitamins and minerals, is naturally low in calories, fat-free and contains lots of water (of course!). Cut up watermelon for fondue. Use cookie cutters to make sliced watermelon into shapes. Place watermelon (alone or with other fruits) on a stick for scrumptious kabobs.

Trivia: Did you know you can feed nearly three dozen kids with one watermelon?

2Freeze your own ice pops

Store-bought ice pops are a refreshing low-cal snack, but it's an awful lot of fun to make your own, says Danielle Schupp, a registered dietician with SmartAndSkinny.com. Kids pour their favorite juice into juice pop molds, place in the freezer and let freeze.

Stick to reduced-calorie/reduced-sugar juices for a healthier treat.

3Open your own smoothie joint

Smoothies have gained popularity among the 'tween crowd because the cool kids on iCarly hang out at the smoothie joint. The coolest thing about smoothies? All you need is a blender and some stuff to put in it! Chop up any kind of fruit -- berries, apples, kiwi, pineapple, grapes, whatever -- and blend it with chopped ice, vanilla (or any flavor) low-fat yogurt and voila! You have a smoothie.

If your kids prefer slightly sweeter smoothies, substitute ice cream for the yogurt.

4Teach kids about Roy G Biv

Fruit kabobs are a great way to teach kids to eat a rainbow of colors every day, says Schupp. Set out bowls of berries and fruit cut into 1-inch cubes. Give each kid a skewer and let them build a masterpiece. Fruit tastes so good this way!

Use fruits that are in season for the best-tasting kabobs.

5Make Fruishi (aka Fruit Sushi)

Chef Heather Hunsaker of FoodOnTheTable.com knows how to make food fun. Spread a soft wheat flour tortilla with cream cheese, dust with sugar and sprinkle strawberries (or blueberries or any seasonal fruit) in the middle. Roll the tortilla and slice into circles! "For extra fun, place in recycled sushi containers," says Hunsaker.

You can substitute dried fruits for fresh.

6Scream for ice cream

Few things taste better on a hot afternoon than a serving of your favorite ice cream.

  • Ice cream sundae popsicles -- The joy of an ice cream sundae with the convenience of a popsicle? Now that's brilliant! Get the recipe.
  • Strawberry ice cream soda -- You'll love the nostalgia of this old-timer; your kids will love the novelty of it. Get the recipe.
  • Brownie ice cream sandwiches -- Ice cream and brownies? Together? It just doesn't get any better than this. Get the recipe.

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