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Bangin’ backyard makeovers for summer

Whether you’re planning a summer bash or just hoping to unwind with your favorite summer cocktail in your garden, get your backyard summer-ready with outdoor ideas that will make your neighbors green with envy. From stringing year-round decorations that foster a festive feeling to breezy outdoor curtains that give your patio a relaxing resort ambiance, these seven bangin’ backyard makeovers for summer will have all your friends eager for your next outdoor soirée!

Backyard Makeover ideas

1Incorporate outdoor ideas that pull double duty

Decorative owl bug and mosquito zappers not only smarten up your yard for summer, but stop bugs in their tracks. You can also opt for an outdoor rug, which gives your patio a resort feel while absorbing noises and creating traction for wet feet.

2Light up your patio

Stringing lights around the perimeter of your patio cover or along every slat packs a powerful punch all summer long. Try eco-friendly lighting, like Tektrum solar dragonfly lights, to not only spruce up your patio, but also save energy. Or hang glass jars with votive candles on anything that’ll stand still, including eaves, sun umbrellas and fences; just be aware of fire hazards.

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3Revive your patio furniture without paint

New or recovered outdoor pillows can bring new life to your existing patio furniture. Toss them on to chairs to cushion tushies or prop up your back for an instant yet inexpensive backyard pick-me-up.

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