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6 Concealing products that work

As an intelligent, beautiful woman, you’re pretty much flawless — but if you have some dark circles, red spots or other facial blemishes lingering around, try these six concealing products that cover up, beautify and even heal. Most importantly, they really work.

1Dermablend Quick-Fix Concealer

Dermablend specializes in corrective cosmetics, from simple acne coverup to full-on tattoo concealer. Their Quick-Fix Concealer is heavy-duty stuff, perfect for covering those under-eye dark circles and bright red spots. The stick concealer goes on smoothly and blends easily, covering with little effort or reapplication. This concealing stick is a huge bang for your buck. For $22, this concealer lasts a very long time. A little goes a long way.

Dermablend Quick-Fix Concealer

2Bare Minerals Multi-Tasking Concealer

Acne sufferers, take notice: BareMinerals’ gentle, mineral-based formula also comes in concealer form. Used in conjunction with the concealer brush and signature swirl-tap-buff technique, the Multi-Tasking Concealer blends away blemishes and dark circles in a snap. This is your best bet for ultra-natural-looking blemish coverage.

BareMinerals Multi-Tasking Concealer

3Orajel Cold Sore Relief & Concealer

Part heal, part conceal, Orajel’s Cold Sore Relief & Concealer covers up cold sores while delivering a dose of healing power. When a cold sore springs up, simply incorporate it into your normal makeup routine. The soft-tip brush delivers green-tinted concealer that covers super-red, irritated cold sores. On top of its cosmetic benefits, the dual-use product relieves pain and helps heal outer mouth sores.

Orajel Cold Sore Relief & Concealer


4MAC Select Moisturecover

Unlike concealers that dry and crack, making your skin look older and tired, MAC’s Select Moisturecover gives skin a fresh, moisturized look, all while expertly covering up flaws. Use over dark circles and blemishes for a sleek, refreshed look all day.

MAC Select Moisturecover

5CoverGirl Fresh Complexion Under-Eye Concealer

For a budget-friendly, simple, long-wear concealer, CoverGirl’s Fresh Complexion Under-Eye Concealer can’t be beat. The stick applicator easily gets into the corners around the eyes, helping to eliminate dark circles. While its main use is for under the eyes, you also can use it as a natural-looking way to cover up acne and other facial blemishes.

CoverGirl Fresh Complexion Under-Eye Concealer

6Smashbox Camera Ready Full Coverage Concealer

As the name indicates, Smashbox’s Camera Ready Full Coverage Concealer ensures that your concealer reads as perfectly on film as it does in person. Reviewers of this product say the thick texture is actually quite spreadable, almost like a moisturizer. That means this concealer won’t end up getting in creases, making wrinkles appear deeper than they actually are.


How to apply concealer

Watch this video to learn how to expertly apply concealer.

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