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6 Quick beauty fixes for moms on the go

We all make beauty blunders from time to time. Experts chime in to help you avoid common missteps so you can look your best — no matter how busy you are.

Woman applying perfume to wrist

1Avoid foundation flubs.


Foundation mistakes top the list of offenses that celebrity makeup artist Brett Freedman sees in his business.

“If your foundation is too light, it ages you,” says Freedman. “Too dark, and you look like you belong on Jersey Shore.”

Freedman says you can find the perfect shade for your skin by matching foundation to your collarbone, an area with your true skin tone. Once you’ve found that perfect shade, avoid telltale makeup lines by lightly brushing foundation down the neck area.

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2Lighten up.

Muddy, ruddy shades are so yesterday, says Freedman. Perk up your look with juicy shades such as berry or watermelon and avoid the mauve and terracotta tones that rob the face of color. “A good day-to-day shade mimics the glow of healthy, flushed skin,” says Freedman. “The most flattering and youthful looks tend to be sweeter pinks and golden peaches.”

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3Tame your arches.

The right brow shape is so important to your overall look, says Freedman. If your brows look like a Nike swoosh or those of Groucho Marks, then you need a tweezing intervention. If brows are barely there, give them two weeks or so to grow in before reshaping. For overgrown arches, tweeze any obvious strays above, below and in-between brows. The highest point of the brow (the star of the tail) should be directly above, or slightly out from, the pupil of the eye.

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4Get to the root of the problem.

Your roots are showing, but you don’t have time to color your hair. New instant hair-root touch-up pens are the quick, foolproof solution for burgeoning roots or stray grays. The QUICKTINT pen offers a waterproof formulation to help your color stay put through sweating, rain, swimming and even shampooing. It’s available in 10 glossy shades and is safe to use on eyebrows, too.

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5Stink pretty.

Every woman feels more confident when she smells nice. Unfortunately, we sometimes make mistakes with the fragrances we use.

Accidentally spray on too much perfume? Quickly dampen a cloth with cold water and blot the exposed areas of your skin, says fragrance and beauty expert Jan Moran. Or apply a neutral-smelling body lotion to help lessen the fragrance.

New fragrance too heavy or spicy? Layer it with a light citrus scent. “Eau de toilettes are particularly good because of the sheer smell,” says Moran. “This will help cut the heaviness of the perfume you applied.”

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6Brighten your eyes.

A mom on the go doesn’t get enough sleep, but that doesn’t mean she should look like it. Get rid of telltale signs — under-eye circles and bloodshot eyes — for a beautiful, well-rested appearance. Bright, clear eyes complement your entire face. Banish embarrassing bloodshot eyes with eye drops. Visine Maximum Redness Relief Formula is good choice. It soothes and refreshes so your eyes look and feel great. Follow with your best cream under-eye concealer, and you’ll look like you just had a great night’s sleep.

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