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Moms share their favorite beauty solutions

With kids hanging on your arms, your time’s likely limited. In between taking the kids to soccer practice and cooking meals in the evening, take some time for yourself. We asked three top mommy bloggers about their favorite beauty solutions. Here’s how they look fantastic, even when things around the house get hectic.

Woman drinking water

Water in, beauty out

We often overlook the simplest solution: Water. Spending hundreds on creams and coverups doesn’t matter if your insides aren’t properly hydrated. Drinking water, especially during summer, makes sure skin stays perfectly moisturized and balanced, our moms say.

“I make sure to drink plenty of water. Staying hydrated is important for healthy and radiant skin.” Mishelle Lane, writer of

“When I drink adequate amounts of water, it helps my skin and gives me more energy. I think we often confuse cues for hunger and thirst, so water might just be what my body actually is craving when I suspect that I’m hungry. Each morning, I drink a full glass of water right after I wake up, and this practice reminds me to stay hydrated throughout the day.” — Robin Kramer, writer of

natural oils

We spend most of our time in the shower stripping oils from our skin and hair, but natural oils are a great moisturizing and anti-aging solution. Castor, olive, sunflower seed and other oils can help moisturize dried-out, stressed skin the all-natural way if you’re past your acne-prone years.

“My favorite natural beauty solution is argan oil. It is truly a miracle moisturizer. You can you use it on your face, body and hair. It keeps my skin moisturized, especially during the harsh winter months, and it also makes your hair soft and shiny, especially if you have coarse or frizzy hair. I have naturally wavy hair that I like to straighten, and this helps keeps my locks smooth. Several beauty companies have jumped on the argan oil bandwagon … but you can save lots of money by getting your argan oil from the health food store. A little goes a long way!” — Stefania Pomponi Butler, writer of

other products

Before you get carried away with purchasing a new product for each new beauty duty that comes your way, take a peek in your medicine cabinet or shower before heading to the store.

“I use conditioner to shave my legs. It leaves my skin nice and soft, unlike shaving creams that usually leave my legs feeling tight after shaving.” Mishelle Lane

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