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Easy and fun treats to share with the class

Celebrating a birthday or holiday in your child’s classroom? Here are a few of our favorite classroom snacks and treats to bring to school.

1. Brownie and strawberry kabobs

Brownie and strawberry kabobs

Just because it’s a treat doesn’t mean you can’t include something healthy too. Kids will love these brownie-bite-and-strawberry skewers.

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2. Homemade granola bars

Homemade granola bars

Delicious and nutritious, these homemade granola bars are the perfect treat for a roomful of hungry students. Check with the teacher and if nut allergies are a concern, substitute sunflower butter for nut butter.

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3. Chocolate-dipped fruit pops

Chocolate dipped fruit pops

Try a different spin on cake pops with these chocolate-dipped fruit bites.

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4. Yogurt bar

Yogurt bar

Give each child a cup or bowl of Greek yogurt and set up a table with mix-ins like berries, granola and chocolate chips.

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5. Mini strawberry lemonade cupcakes

Mini strawberry lemonade cupcakes

When choosing a sweet treat, go for something fun and different with these adorable bite-size strawberry lemonade cupcakes.

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6. Gluten-free apple pie-flavored popcorn

Gluten-free apple pie-flavored popcorn

Popcorn might not be the first thing that comes to mind for a class treat, but it’s one of the most universally loved snack foods. Don’t have time to pop your own? Stop by Target and pick up four or five large bags and a stack of red paper “boats” to serve it in.

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7. Ice cream cone cupcakes

Ice cream cone cupcakes

Surprise! These aren’t ice cream cones at all, but cupcakes baked right in the cone. For easy transport to school, dab a spot of icing on the bottom of each cone, stick in individual cups and sprinkle a few M&Ms in the cups.

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8. Fruit skewers

Fruit skewers

Delightful and sweet, these fruit skewers are a smart choice. If you’ve never made fruit kabobs before, make sure you give yourself enough time. They may take longer than you think.

9. Snack mix

Snack mix

It doesn’t get much easier than tossing your favorite cereal in a bowl and mixing with butter, sugar and cinnamon. Make individual bags for the kids and tie on a cute tag. Easy peasy.

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10. Frozen banana bites

Frozen banana bites

Skip the peanut butter and treat your child’s classmates to a big platter of frozen chocolate-dipped banana bites.

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