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6 Wardrobe tricks for a svelte summer body

It’s summertime and that means, as women, we can get particularly obsessed about our bodies. With all the skin baring that is the hallmark of summer styles, there is a reason to be cautious. Luckily insiders like myself know many tricks of the trade to help you feel more confident about your summer body. These six tips are easy to implement and require no surgery or wacky diet to work. Here’s to flaunting it.

Summer Slim Down Secrets6 tips for a slim summer body

1Create a long line

Wear the same or varying shades of the same color from top to bottom for a very slimming look. Wearing one primary hue or colors similar to each other from top to bottom gives you one long uninterrupted line of color, which creates verticality in your body.

2Get a faux tan

Not only is faux tanning healthier on your skin, it can also help you look more toned. When our skin darkens, we visually look slimmer. You can also use bronzers to create contours where you need them such as on your collarbone, calves and cheeks. It’s like playing with photoshop on your body.

3Get vertical

Vertical lines in print, pattern or construction in your clothing help you look thinner. These lines can be created with seams, zippers, scarves and stripes because they encourage the eye to move up and down which visually helps lengthen and elongate you.

4Nude heelsElevate

When you look taller, you appear naturally thinner. Wear the highest heel that is comfortable for you and get it in a pointy toe version for optimal impact. Legs also look slim and toned in heels. In summer, wearing nude high heels that match your skin tone make your legs go on forever which means you look slimmer overall.

5Go for the max(i)

There is a reason why maxi dresses continue to be popular. The long column effect of this design is an instant slimmer. If you opt for a print design, you get the added benefit of camouflage. If you’re conscious about baring your upper arms, pairing a maxi with a cropped jacket or cardigan is very on trend this summer. Go for it!

6SpanxShape up instantly with shapewear

Shapewear not only nips, lifts and tucks your softer regions so you look trimmer, but it also evens out lines and unseemly bulges. There are a variety of styles and brands that help you achieve instant svelte status. Let’s not forget the importance of bras which, when properly fitted, can literally shave off pounds from your torso. Want instant slim without the knife? Shapewear can help you flaunt your curves in a way that flatters so you look and feel fabulous.

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