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No-fail summer skin care strategies

Summer isn’t always kind to skin. You sweat more, you’re shinier and there’s always the potential for burnt noses and pink cheeks if you happen to forget the sunscreen (not ideal but it happens to the best of us). To better understand how to keep skin clear, smooth and fresh this season, we got the inside scoop from paramedical master aesthetician and Glimpse formulator Misha Hughes. She filled us in on making sure skin looks great all summer — and beyond.

Woman with summer skin

1Transition time

Summer skincare products

Skin produces more oil in the summer, Hughes explains, so switching up your cleansing routine will help keep your skin fresh. If you used a cream cleanser in the colder months, think about opting for a gel to better tackle the excess oil. And although it may feel as if you need extra cleansing during the warmer months, don’t overdo it. “It is important not to over cleanse and strip the skin,” Hughes says. She adds that in the summer, skin hydration is important both internally and externally. Drink plenty of water and continue to moisturize even if your skin is on the shiny side. “If the moisturizer you use during the winter is too heavy for summer months, switch to something lighter but do not leave moisturizer out entirely,” she explains. Try a lighter formula like Dermalogica Active Moist ($37) to keep your skin hydrated without weighing skin down.

2Look fresh despite the heat

Including a toner in your summer skin care routine is a good idea to help keep skin feeling fresh, Hughes says, as long as you avoid anything that contains alcohol (which can dry skin out). Instead choose a mist that contains soothing botanicals and spritz onto clean skin or over makeup to freshen your skin throughout the day. We love Mario Badescu Facial Spray ($12), which contains soothing aloe, rosewater and herbs.

3Defend skin

Along with switching to lighter products and refreshing skin with a toner, Hughes suggests including skin care products in your routine that contain effective antioxidants such as vitamins C and E, green tea and coenzyme Q10. These support your skin’s natural defenses to environmental aggressors, such as excessive UV exposure and pollution, both of which can lead to uneven tone, fine lines and other signs of aging.

4Keep skin clear

Are summer breakouts a problem? You’re not alone, and while exposure to the sun will initially clear breakouts, inevitably blemishes will worsen with continued sun exposure. “During the day, our skin is under constant attack from UV rays, pollution, poor diet and stress,” Hughes says, which can make breakouts worse. “It is essential that we saturate our skin in the morning with the nutrients it needs in order to defend itself effectively,” she adds. In the evening, our skin revs up on the restorative and detoxification process, so it is equally important that we properly clean and again saturate the skin with beneficial nutrients before bed so that it can repair and efficiently detoxifiy skin, ideally minimizing breakouts.

Exper tipsTop skin savvy tips

Hughes shares some go-to tips for great looking skin – no matter the season.

  1. Care for your skin morning and night (this means no going to bed with a face full of makeup).
  2. Be sun savvy and wear sunscreen every day no matter the weather.
  3. Choose products that contain high levels of antioxidants and botanicals (like mangosteen) that support proper skin function.
  4. Eliminate products that contain known irritants or potential toxins that can lead to deterioration of skin health. Usually, the less ingredients listed on a product, the better.
  5. Hydrate your skin inside and out with lots of H20 and a good topical moisturizer.
  6. Don’t be afraid to tweak your regimen to address your skin’s needs right now. Tiny modifications can really optimize your regimen to achieve the greatest results.

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