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10 Tips for instant makeovers

If you are craving a new look but don’t want a dramatic change, here are some tips to make you feel like a new woman. Put these makeup tips and tricks into action for a refreshed beauty routine and you’ll be ready to take on whatever comes your way.

Woman wearing summer hat

10 Beauty fixes for a fabulous new look

Highlighting Pencil for brows

1Illuminate your brow bone

Apply a highlighting pencil under your brows. Your arches and eyes will look larger and brighter.

2Try falsies

With a little practice you can perfect applying a couple of individual lashes to the outer corners of your eyes to create a bold, confident look.

3Pump up your lips

After exfoliating your lips, apply a gloss that contains plumping ingredients such as ginger or peppermint.

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Summer Perfume4Try a new perfume

Switch up your scents to mimick your moods and try perfumed lotions or mists for more variation.

5A hairstyle a day

Change up your style every day — go straight one day, add curls the next, try a ponytail one day and then a messy bun. Even changing your part from the center to the side can dramatically alter your look. You’ll feel like a new woman each time you get ready.

6Try clip-ins

Clip on ponytails can make you feel instantly chic and are easy to put in your hair. Start with a high ponytail and then clip in your hair piece. You can also try clip in extensions to get instant long hair. Remember to find ones that are made of real hair so you can style with ease.

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7Illuminating creamIlluminate your face

Before applying your foundation, dab an illuminating cream all over your face and blend well. Once you apply your makeup, your skin will look as if it is glowing from the inside out.

8Sculpt your face

Try this trick from Too Faced Cosmetics: Lose ten pounds instantly by applying a matte brown contouring powder (such as Too Faced Chocolate Soleil) to the hollows of your cheeks, on your temples, across your forehead, down the sides of your neck and under your nose.

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9Fab FedoraTop it off

A stylish hat can instantly change your attitude — try a fab fedora or printed bucket hat to add instant chic sentiment.

10Bump up your bust size

To make your body look two sizes smaller and your bust look two sizes bigger, wear an open bust body slimming undergarment (such as Spanx Open-Bust Mid-Thigh Bodysuit) paired with a padded push up bra (such as Wonderbra Add-A-Size Push Up Bra).

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