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Beauty Finds: Hawaiian Tropic Sun Stick

We’re continuing with our travel solutions week to help you look beautiful on your summer getaway. We’ve given you some glamorous options, but here is a very practical one. Save your driving arm from sun damage and skin cancer with Hawaiian Tropic Oil Free Sunblock Stick, Ozone SPF 50+.

Hawaiian Tropic Oil Free Sunblock StickHawaiian Tropic Oil Free Sunblock Stick

If you drive to your vacation destination (or back and forth to work), one of your arms is going to get five times more sun (according the recent reports). I live in Southern California and I can see it on my own arms. Driving freckles on my hands and one arm has far more freckles than the other. And it’s not just me. I constantly have to airbrush the driving arms of actresses on set. Now, I’ve carried liquid sunscreen in my car and let me tell you, it gets everywhere. I like to keep a stick sunscreen in the glove compartment since I never seem to remember to put it on before I leave. I’m loving the Hawaiian Tropic Oil Free Sunblock Stick, Ozone SPF 50+. It’s a solid, so it stays where you put it and you can apply at a stop light if you’re as absentminded as I am without it dripping all over you. (Not while you’re driving, please! I have to be on the road with you!)

And the other reason why we love this product? It doesn’t go on white or purplish when applied to darker skin tones. Women (and men) of every ethnicity have to protect themselves from the sun and we have no patience for products that forget that.

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Hawaiian Tropic Oil Free Sunblock Stick, Ozone SPF 50+ is available at most drug stores and It retails for $6.

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