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10 Easy steps to re-inspire your style

If you are like most people, you may have looked in your closet full of clothes recently and thought “I have nothing to wear!” If you are feeling slightly uninspired with your wardrobe these days, here are some fashion tips to ignite your style without going on a tornado shopping spree.

Woman sorting through closet

1Spend a day with your closet

The first step to a style update is to take the time to oversee your closet and drawers. Pull everything out and try each piece on. If you don’t like how it looks, or it has been more than two years since you last wore it, place it aside and donate to charity.

2Divide your clothes into sections

Organize your clothes by type of clothing item — pants, skirts, blouses, etc. Next, organize each of those sections by color.

3Pick the best

From each of your sections, choose one top or bottom in each category to keep and donate the rest. The purpose is to have key wardrobe pieces that you truly wear on a regular basis that aren’t just taking up precious closet space.

4Create vision boards and vision books

Go through your favorite magazines and websites and cut or print out your favorite fashion looks. It’s also a good idea to see what celebrity styles you are most attracted to and which will suit you best. Remember to also establish your own personal style that reflects your vision and your personality.

5Decide what pieces are missing in your wardrobe

Now that you know what type of style you want, you can factor in what wardrobe articles are missing. Make a list and stick to it when you go shopping.


Woman at tailor


Mix up your shopping stops

Vary the places that you shop. For the latest in trendy clothes, you might want to visit a store like Forever 21 or H & M. For key wardrobe items such as suits or handbags, try a designer discount store like TJ Maxx or Loehmans.

7Don’t forget the basics

Remember to have key basics in your wardrobe. These include slim black pants, pencil skirts in black, neutrals and crisp white shirts. Perfect closed toe pumps in black and nude also go well with everything. For daily or evening wear, make sure you have one or two pairs of dark denim jeans that you love.

8Make friends with your tailor

Great fitting clothes are essential to your wardrobe. Make sure hem lines, waist lines and sleeves all fit well. You will be surprised what a little nip and tuck can do for an outfit.

9Wear the correct undergarments

We often wear the wrong layer under our clothess. So no matter how stylish they are, they don’t look right. Make sure you have the proper bras — for example, smooth cups to wear under t-shirts — and try slimming garments such as Spanx under dresses. You can even look for underwear with clear waistbands to avoid peeping thongs.

10Find finishing touches

Accessories can truly make or break an outfit. Invest in some fabulous handbags and statement jewelry pieces to complete your looks. If you don’t have a huge budget, see what the latest accessory trends are and plan on incorporating those into your wardrobe for an instant update.

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