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Beauty Finds: Tokyo Milk Solid Perfume

We know what it’s like. You’ve got a big vacation coming up and you want to look, feel and smell perfect. You also don’t want to deal with travel nightmares. Have you ever tried flying with a bottle full of perfume? In today’s Summer Getaway Solutions, we’ve got a lifesaver. Solid perfume.

Solid perfume

Satsuma Perfume Solid

Flying is a giant pain in the butt these days. Baggage fees, baggies full of your liquids, the need to get a pedicure before you take off your shoes while going through security…we feel your pain. And how are you supposed to get your perfume to your summer destination? Those fancy bottles are usually pretty big, meaning you have to leave something else out of the baggie. Those little perfume samples spill everywhere and if the big glass bottles break, you’re in even bigger trouble. I had a bottle of Angel break in my bag many years ago. The smell of it still gives me nightmares.

Since I travel every week, I started bringing solid perfumes along. No need to check them through security with your liquids. You can also bring these little guys to the beach since they’re pretty good about not melting. Another fun use? I was stuck next to a…and I’m being very nice here…fragrant person on the plane last night. Someone clearly didn’t understand the need to shower daily. I had some solid perfume along and dabbed a bit under my nose to break up the funk without embarrassing the guy. It’s a lifesaver, I tell you!

Another fun tip? Rub a little on your hands and run through your hair. A subtle bit of scent will waft from you with every hair flip, there’s no alcohol to steal your shine and it’s not as overwhelming as spritzing your hair with a traditional scent. And since they’re in a cream form, you’ll even get some help with the frizzies.

Our pick

Our current favorite is the Satsuma Perfum Solid from Tokyo Milk.

It’s a blend of honeyed grapefruit, Brazilian orange and tangerine and it smells fantastic. It also comes with several mini notecards so you can leave suggestive messages on your significant other’s pillow.

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Tokyo Milk Satsuma Perfum Solid is available at and retails for $18. It’s also available in Lotus Sake and Sugar Sugar.

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