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Hot Trend: City pride at home

Everyone has city pride — especially if you live in some of the bigger cities around the country. A hot new trend in home interiors is showing that pride on your walls. Check out these fun ways to bring the love of your city home or use this new trend to display love for the places you’ve lived over the years or your favorite travel spots.

Gone are the days where if you wanted to show pride for your favorite city in your home décor, you had to resort to sports team posters. Now it’s easy to represent where you love to live — city, state and even neighborhood — or the places you long to live, with chic artwork that fits right in with your other décor.

Here are some options for showing city pride with artwork for your own home

Ork Poster

1Ork Posters

Ork Posters were one of the first on the scene of this trend back in 2007, when designer Jenny Beorkem couldn’t find anything tasteful and design-oriented to hang on her walls and show her love of hometown Chicago. Soon after, Jenny started selling her now iconic neighborhood posters on Etsy and the rest is history. Ork Posters are now sold at retailers around the nation, currently featuring 18 cities (New Orleans and Minneapolis are their latest additions). For your own home, consider filling an entire wall in your home with cities that you’ve live in or traveled to — with most cities at $22 each, you won’t break the bank.

Street Map

2Street maps

Want to display a piece of your city on your walls at home, but aren’t into typography? Consider a street map instead. People who visit your home will be immediately drawn to these interesting interpretations of city pride artwork. Available via Etsy seller delovelyArts, you can even customize your street map colors for a perfect fit in your home.



Wall decals aren’t just for kid’s rooms anymore. If you want to make a bold statement about your love for your city, these vinyl wall skyscapes are perfect for you. Most are around 6 feet long and 2 feet high, so you can easily fill an entire wall with the city of your choice. These from Etsy are made of the highest quality vinyl and adhesive that will last for up to ten years, but you can remove it easily whenever you please without damaging your walls — perfect if you’re a renter. For an extra -chic city pride look, try a dark wall with a white cityscape decal.

Zip Code

4Zip codes

Passionate about not only your city, but your neighborhood as well? Represent with your zip code! These custom zip code prints are a fun way to add just a little touch of city pride to your home décor. Need a thoughtful housewarming gift for your new neighbors or friends who just moved to a new city? One of these with their new zip, plus a bottle of local wine or a list of your favorite restaurants in the neighborhood will be a hit.



If it’s too hard for you to commit to just one city, try showing love through your art for your entire state. Artwork for your state is also a good option for you if you live in a small town or city and you can’t find city pride art work for that extra-special place that you love. We also love the option of state pride artwork for households that have their hearts split between more than one place — maybe he’s from Boston,  you’re an L.A. girl through and through, and now you live in Denver? Get art to represent each state to make your home complete!

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