Hollywood Goes Green: Natalie Portman

Just when you didn’t think you could hear more about how “green” Hollywood is, we’re bringing you the Hollywood Goes Green series. Sure, we sometimes scratch our heads wondering how celebs who live in 20,000-square-foot homes, charter private jets and own 10 vacation compounds call themselves green because they drive a Prius. But as it turns out, being green means more than using less electricity and carpooling. Check out our weekly pick for the top green celebrities in Hollywood. This week, we focus on Natalie Portman.


Because green living is composed of many factors, celebrities really can live green in certain areas, despite their often lavish lifestyles. Last week, I kicked off my Hollywood Goes Green series with Brad Pitt. Admittedly, it was my lifelong crush that led me to choose him, but there’s no denying his contribution to the environment.

It’s only fair that we focus on Natalie Portman this week, as she is my husband’s celebrity girlfriend. Not only is Natalie Portman extremely talented (she won an Academy Award for Black Swan), beautiful and intelligent, she’s also green.

Natalie-Portman-Green-CelebVegan lifestyle

Portman just gave birth to her first baby, a boy, last week. (We’re still wondering what she and fiancé Benjamin Millepied named him!) She shared that during her pregnancy, she stopped practicing veganism and instead became a vegetarian because she had cravings and wanted to make sure she was eating what her body — and her baby — needed.

However, that doesn’t mean Portman hasn’t been a great example of veganism. “As a vegan, I don’t wear leather, fur or feathers,” said Portman. “Shopping for clothes hasn’t proved too difficult, but finding chic footwear has definitely been a challenge.”

As a result, Natalie Portman created a line of vegan shoes with fashion firm Te Casan. Designing for a cause she believes in is one thing, donating to it is another. Never one to disappoint, Portman’s shoe line benefited The Nature Conservancy, a leading not-for-profit that works around the world to protect the environment.

Environmental awareness

Natalie Portman was involved in an Animal Planet documentary, Gorillas on the Brink, which was part of the channel’s Saving a Species series. Portman traveled to Rwanda to co-host the film. Gorillas on the Brink focused on the threats to the gorillas’ habitats, and Portman discussed the ways that conservationists were working to prevent the mountain gorillas from going extinct.

Global Green

Global Green USA is a not-for-profit that focuses on “fighting global climate change through our green affordable housing initiatives, National Green Schools Initiative, national and regional green building policies, advocacy and education.” Portman has been linked with Global Green on several occasions.

The little — or not so little — things

It has been reported that Portman’s engagement ring is eco-friendly. Apparently, the center stone on her engagement ring is antique mine-cut and the surrounding pavé diamonds are conflict-free. The ring is set in recycled platinum.

Natalie Portman has brains, beauty, talent and a love for the environment. She doesn’t just talk about living green — she actually takes steps to do it.

(Photo credit: Andres Otero/WENN.com)

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