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Choosing chest flattering swimwear

Bathing suits for small busts

It’s no secret that every girl isn’t as “blessed” with a volumtuous upper half, but that doesn’t mean you can’t flaunt what you have by creating the appearance of a bigger bust. By choosing the right suit for you body shape, you’ll have no problem maximizing your curves — Panache’s Atlantis swimwear line is designed to do just that by giving an extra boost to your bust.

bikini swimsuits for women with small bust sizes

“Amy” halter bikini ($42 for hatler top, $24 for bikini bottom)

“Fleur” convertible bikini ($42 for bikini top, $24 for bikini bottom)

“Katie” bikni ($41 for bikini top, $24 for bottoms)

“Polly” push-up bikini ($42 for bikini top, $24 for bikini bottom) 

Tip: This suit gives you an extra bust size

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