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Give your bedroom a sexy makeover

Do you have to navigate over piles of clothes, children’s toys and laundry hampers to even get close to your bed? When you finally find the bed is it covered in a series of mismatched blankets and threadbare sheets? Many of us are guilty of neglecting our bedroom in favor of spending more time and effort ensuring every other room is organized and well-decorated, but a messy, disorganized bedroom is not sexy. That’s right, ladies, from stripper poles to sexy décor, it’s time to sex up your sleeping space and we’re here to show you how.

Decorating a sexy bedroom

Sexy bedroom basics

You may be intimidated by the thought adding some sex appeal to your bedroom, but it’s actually a lot easier than you think. We’ve come up with some simple guidelines for basic bedroom sexiness. Follow these steps and you’re well on your way to a sexier sleeping space (not that you’ll be doing much sleeping …)

1sexy modern bedroomDe-clutter

A sexy bedroom is a minimalist bedroom, so get rid of anything that you don’t actually use and that really is just a glorified dust collector (trinkets, small boxes that contain nothing, etc). Alarm clocks can stay, along with can reading lamps and the book you’re currently reading. Everything else must go.

2Put things away

Piles of clothes are terribly un-sexy. They will remind you of real life and the 17 loads of laundry you need to do later – not conducive to feeling (or getting) amorous. So make a concerted effort to avoid using the floor in lieu of your closet. Hangers are not for show – they are meant to be used to hang your clothes.

3Buy new sheets

We’re not suggesting going crazy and spending a small chunk of your savings on ridiculously expensive sheets, but if yours are threadbare or have simply seen better days, replace them. Opt for white and 100 percent cotton. While more expensive than a polyester-cotton blend, spending the extra will feel much cooler and softer against your skin.

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