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Applying false lashes: Easy tricks

You love the look of false lashes on other people, but when you try them, you look like two caterpillars crawled onto your eyelids to nap. Well, we’ve got some tips on how to make your false lashes look perfect. You’ll be doe-eyed in no time.

Woman with fake lashes

Ah, false lashes. They look so great…on other people. But, there’s the glue that gets everywhere and the ends that keep popping up. You just can’t make them look right. How the heck did they do this every day in the sixties?

We’ve got two options for you here. The first one is individual lashes. You’ve seen them in stores. Little sprays of a few lashes gathered together.

Here’s what you do:

First, put on all your other eye makeup, including mascara. Curl your lashes (before the mascara) and put on eyeliner. Note: a slightly thicker liner will mask a shaky hand with the lashes. Grab yourself a magnifying mirror, tweezers, lashes and glue. We like strip glue, not individual glue. Strip glue comes off at the end of the day and it’s best to use this kind until you get the hang of it.

Choose lashes that are close to your own length. Short or medium tend to work the best, though you can always trim them. Next, grab a lash with the tweezers and dip the tip of the spray in lash glue. Wait 30 seconds so the glue gets tacky! Now, take the tip with the glue and drag it over a few of your own lashes in the outer corner of the eye to coat them with it. Then lay the lash down on top.

This gives you a base for the fake lash spray instead of just a dot. Put three or four sprays on the outside of the eye, but no more.

Another thing we love is to grab strip lashes and cut them in half. Half lashes are easier to handle and place, and they look more natural than a full strip. (If you want the drama of a full strip, you can still cut them in half or thirds to make them easier to place. Again, let the glue get tacky for 30 seconds. Place the half lashes on the outside of the eye, against the base of your own lashes. Abandon the thought of gluing them to your skin. You’ll always get a gap that way.

Once the glue is dry, take a liner brush with cream liner on it and gently…gently tap a bit of color over the lash base to make sure all the white is covered.

See? Now you look like a true diva.

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