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Etsy roundup: Eco-friendly bags

Etsy is an online marketplace where hundreds of thousands of creative people from more than 150 countries sell their handmade crafty goodness. Each week, we’re featuring a handful of our favorite items in our Etsy Roundup. On the menu this week: reusable totes. A great way to respect the environment is to eliminate your use of plastic grocery bags, sandwich bags, produce bags and shopping bags. Reusable totes don’t have to be plain and generic, though! Check out our Etsy roundup this week for fabulous reusable totes and go green in style!

1Bluebird Canvas Tote

2Wicker Park Honeysuckle Laundry Bag

Bluebird Canvas Tote

The 100 percent cotton canvas bluebird canvas tote is a fabulously stylish way to save the environment. Etsy seller Mad Design (find her on Twitter and Facebook) suggests it for a trip to the grocery store, farmers market or bookstore. Look cute while shopping — what else does a girl need? I love the little ID tag on the handle!

Wicker Park Honeysuckle Laundry Bag

If you’re like me, you might use the plastic laundry bags in hotel rooms to bring home your dirty clothes. Stop! This Wicker Park honeysuckle laundry bag by Etsy seller Jenni 20 Designs (find her on Twitter) will accomplish the same task — keeping dirty clothes separate from the clean ones — without using plastic.

3The Bee Bag Reusable Produce Bag

4Oak hand painted canvas tote bag

The Bee Bag Reusable Produce Bag

Plastic produce bags are so wasteful — now you can stop using them! The Bee Bag reusable produce bag by Etsy seller Koot Sac (find her on Twitter and Facebook) is the perfect solution to a landfill problem. Plus — It’s so cute! Hit the grocery store with Mother Earth and style in mind.

Oak hand painted canvas tote bag

A simple, handpainted multi-purpose tote is just what you need on hand. Etsy seller Handmade by Sandi (find her on Twitter and Facebook) whipped up a sweet OAK handpainted canvas tote bag, a unique reusable bag suitable for the grocery store, a trip to the library and more.

5Red Apple Dots Sandwich Sak

6Rainy Rainbow tote bag

Red Apple Dots Sandwich Sak

Sandwich bags are an environmental disaster, so eliminate them from your life — and do it in style. The red apple dots sandwich ‘sak‘ by Etsy seller WasteNot Saks (find her on Facebook) can replace hundreds or even thousands of sandwich bags. The sacks are lined with water-resistant nylon and can be machine-washed. And did I mention they’re adorable?!

Rainy Rainbow tote bag

Sweet little details adorn this Rainy Rainbow tote bag. Etsy seller Regal Cottage (find her on Twitter and Facebook) adorned the precious felt raindrops and cotton chenille clouds on the tote, making it a one-of-a-kind you won’t see other shoppers carrying! The reusable tote is roomy, so it can serve many purposes.

7Reusable produce bags in Watermelon

8Happy Groceries Reusable Tote

Reusable produce bags in Watermelon

If you’re like me and buy lots of fresh fruits and veggies, you can toss as many as 10 plastic produce bags after each grocery shopping trip. That’s not necessary, though, when you can purchase a set (or two) of six reusable produce bags in watermelon. Etsy seller Fickle Faerie (find her on Twitter) makes saving the Earth chic and colorful.

Happy Groceries Reusable Tote

Cute! Etsy seller Bee Things (find her on Twitter) created a reusable grocery tote that is very original and extremely functional. The happy groceries reusable tote is made of 100 percent cotton canvas and printed with soft touch inks. This is the perfect reusable grocery tote — cute and practical.

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