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Making a spare bedroom an inviting guest room

Convert your spare bedroom into a comfortable, inviting guest room with these helpful decorating and organizing tips.

Guest bedroom

1Clear out the clutter.

The spare bedroom often becomes a dumping ground for all the junk we don’t know what to do with. Long before your guest arrives, clean out all the clutter in the room. If you haven’t used an item in more than a year, you probably aren’t going to use it — so repurpose, recycle or donate it.

2Add a new coat of paint.

Repainting will revitalize the room and make everything in it look fresh. Use a neutral color such as cream or taupe to make your guest room look more spacious, or a cool green or blue for a relaxing vibe. Painting the ceiling in a contrasting color also can make the room appear larger.

3Air out the mattress.

You easily can refresh an old mattress by laying it out in the sunshine for a day. The sun will kill any bacteria and odor. Also, open up the windows of the room and let it air out completely.

4Splurge on bedding.

Pay a little extra for a set of high-threadcount sheets, a cozy comforter and plush guest towels. Give your guests the feeling that they are staying in an upscale hotel.

5Keep furniture simple.

Your guest room shouldn’t be packed with furniture. A bed, dresser and nightstand with a lamp is all you need. Less furniture will make the room look bigger and more modern. Refinish the dresser with a new coat of paint or varnish, if necessary. Placing a small TV and DVD player in the room will allow your guests to entertain themselves. Add DVDs they may like, along with magazines, books and games.

6Stock the bathroom.

In addition to soft towels and a fluffy robe, the guest bathroom should have plenty of mini toiletries — shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, body wash, mouthwash, etc. You can collect these items from your own travels and keep them in a pretty basket on the bathroom counter. Add a few candles to the bathroom, too.

7Put together a visitor’s guide.

You don’t want to be driving long-term guests around town every single day. Encourage their independence by teaching them about your city. Provide a guidebook or map, along with a list of local attractions and activities that might be of interest.

8Freshen up.

Give the guest room a thorough cleaning, including under the bed. Right before your guests arrive, freshen the room with a final spritz of anti-odor spray, or add a bouquet of fresh flowers for color and fragrance. Your guests will really appreciate the extra effort that you put in to make their room inviting and comfortable.

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