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Painting your home’s interior


Paint is an inexpensive way to renew any room in your house. Whether you’ve just moved into your home or you’ve been living there for years, it just might be time for a new look. Here are a few tips for repainting the interior of your house.

Woman painting wall vibrant color

1On the move

If you are moving out of your current home, repaint the interior in neutral, soothing colors before staging your home for potential buyers. After all, not everyone will like your particular taste in bold or unique colors. Don’t go for stark white, though — it looks too bland and sterile.

On the flip side, if you have just bought a new home, you can give the interior a quick upgrade before moving in by painting it. Consider painting an accent wall in your living room or great room. You can also install a chair rail in your dining room and paint a light color above with a darker color below. This will open up the space, making the ceiling look higher and the room look more spacious. Painting the ceiling also can make a room look larger.

2All cracked up

If you have lived in your home for years and haven’t painted recently, check the interior walls for cracking or peeling. Once peeling starts, it’s not going to just stop on its own. Visit a paint or home improvement store to find a match for your current paint color, or recoat the room in a new, fresh color. Paint can breathe life into a tired, dull room and make it beautiful once again.

3Budget makeover

Most of us don’t have the budget to buy new furniture and completely redecorate on a whim; however, you can give a room a new look without spending a fortune with a bucket of paint. Don’t be afraid to experiment with bright or dark colors. Not every room in your house has to be white or beige.

4Picking the right paint

Interior paint comes in various types and formulas, not just flat or gloss. Talk to a paint or home improvement specialist about what you are trying to accomplish when repainting. If you want to hide a dark color or an old pattern, you’ll need paint that offers the best coverage and fade resistance. For kids’ rooms and high-traffic areas, you need a durable, stain-resistant paint. For the kitchen and bathroom, a mold-resistant paint is a must. All paint should be scrubbable to keep your home looking its best.

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