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Million Dollar Decorators’ Jeffrey Alan Marks’ relaxed, sophisticated style

Bravo recently premiered Million Dollar Decorators, a new show that follows five of L.A.’s most sought-after interior decorators’ work and personal lives. SheKnows interviewed each of the designers to give you the inside skinny on what makes them tick. Jeffrey Alan Marks talks about his design process and shares his thoughts about the show.

Jeffrey Alan Marks

After working as a model in Paris and Milan for many years, Marks launched his Santa Monica-based design firm, JAM Inc., 15 years ago. A fixture in the L.A. design scene, he believes the design process should be fun and creative, and is known for his colorful, laid-back design style.

SheKnows: What inspires your design process?

Jeffrey Alan Marks: The spring, the beach, being outdoors. I love natural fibers and textures. The best color inspiration comes from nature.

SheKnows: How would you describe your personal design style?

Jeffrey Alan Marks: Casual, relaxed but very sophisticated. I blend maximum comfort with attention to little details that take a room to the next level.

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SheKnows: Is there a certain celebrity you would love to work with, and why?

Jeffrey Alan Marks: Michelle Pfeiffer. She has great style and amazing taste. Not to mention she is stunning to look at.

Jeffrey Alan Marks

SheKnows: For those of us working with more modest budgets, what design elements are worth splurging on?

Jeffrey Alan Marks: Upholstery. If you buy a really well made sofa or chair, you will have it for life. I am all for heirloom pieces. Antiques and real vintage furniture are always worth investing in.

Jeffrey Alan Marks

SheKnows: What elements do you think we can save on?

Jeffrey Alan Marks: You can accessorize a room on a budget if you’re really smart.

SheKnows: What design trends do you wish would go away?

Jeffrey Alan Marks: Beige.

Jeffrey Alan Marks

SheKnows: What new design trends can we expect to see come out on Million Dollar Decorators?

Jeffrey Alan Marks: Even though the show is called Million Dollar Decorators, we all had to pull off a few magic tricks on a budget, which is almost impossible for us!

Jeffrey Alan Marks

SheKnows: Which castmate’s portfolio do you admire the most?

Jeffrey Alan Marks: Kathryn [Ireland]’s. I love her use of color. It’s so no-holds-barred enthusiastic, vibrant, comfortable and easy to live in.

SheKnows: Can we expect to see some competition among the designers?

Jeffrey Alan Marks: No, we’re all great friends. We all do very different things.

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