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Put some creativity into your business card

Picture this — you’re at a conference for work and meeting a million different people. You’ve handed out an entire box of business cards, sometimes as your only introduction to potential new clients. How can you be certain that they’ll remember you? With an unforgettable business card! You don’t have to be in a creative industry to have a card that is expressive of your company and what you offer clients. Here are some ways to get out of the traditional business-card box!

Trendy business cards

1Fold it

With this unique style of folded business cards, you don’t have to choose between a great design and getting all of your important contact info on your business card, because there’s enough room for it all! If you have a company with a specific logo to display, use a folded business card like this one from Tiny Prints to have the logo on the outside and your info inside the flap.

2Be square

If you’ve been to a conference or meeting, you know that you end up handing out (and getting) a huge stack of business cards. Make sure yours stands out in a bunch with a square business card! When those clients or associates are sitting at their desk organizing that stack, yours will pop out from the others and you’ll be the first person they go to. These square beauties from pixelimpress on Etsy are certain to make a great impression.

3Mad for mini

Mini business cards are a great idea for businesses or individuals who want to use their cards to display parts of their work or portfolio, such as photography, jewelry or artwork, because you can have multiple designs printed in one set of cards. Also, they’re perfect if you’re in a setting where you’re handing out cards to customers from a booth in a quick fashion or if you just want a little card for your website name or Twitter handle. Moo has a great variety of MiniCards to pick from, including lots of ideas on how they can be used.

4Say cheese

Face it, we’re living in a visual world — between Facebook and Instagram, photos are the new standard, and your business cards should follow suit! If you’re in an industry where having your photo on your business card is appropriate, go for it! People are sure to remember who they had that great conversation or meeting with when they pull your face out of a stack of dozens of cards. These photo business cards from Minted are a great choice — the photo looks professional and the card design itself is simple, which is important when you’re adding the extra busyness of a photo.

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