5 Creative gifts for the high school graduate

Jun 7, 2011 at 12:00 p.m. ET

Don't get the high school graduate a boring set of towels this year! Sure, there are tons of things they need if they're heading off to college this fall or moving out of mom and dad's house, but isn't it more fun to get them something they don't need? Check out these 5 gift ideas for the high school graduate in your life!

Unique grad gifts

1Dinner out

Being in college and being broke go hand in hand, right? As a special treat, get your graduate a gift certificate to a swanky restaurant near their new college campus. They can use it as a treat when they can't stand eating another meal in the cafeteria.

2Fancy feet

If you've ever lived in the dorms in college, you probably remember those horrible showers and all of the horror stories about the gross foot conditions that are swimming around. Your graduate will truly appreciate a fun variety of flip-flops that will keep their precious feet off that slimy bathroom floor at school!

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3It's laundry day!

If your graduate is moving out of Mom and Dad's house after graduation, having to do their own laundry will probably be a harsh reality. Ease the transition a bit with a gift certificate to their local laundromat -- most have services where you can drop off a bag of laundry to be washed and folded. Don't forget a note that reminds them to add their sheets and towels when they go!

4Finals distraction package

Every college student dreads finals. For a fun gift they'll appreciate in college, put together a Finals Distraction Package! Include magazines, gift certificates to RedBox for some movies and add some treats to snack on. Trust us when we say that you'll be getting a thank-you email when their first round of finals comes around!

5Monthly gift club

A gift-of-the-month club is fun for any occasion, but think of the excitement a special monthly gift delivery will make for your graduate! Check out the website Amazing Clubs -- they have everything from a Cake of the Month Club to a Popcorn of the Month Club to a Movie of the Month Club. You can choose from a three-month, six-month or year-long gift and have it delivered directly to their new dorm room!

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