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Paint color trends for 2011

Tired of boring beige? Make a statement in your rooms with new interior paint. Paint color trends for 2011 are bold and dramatic, offering interesting new choices to get you out of your bland box and create rooms that are personal and comfortable, whether your space is starkly contemporary or steeped in tradition. Here’s the lowdown on what’s hot in color this year.

Woman with paint sample

1In the mood

Deeper, richer, moodier tones are making a big splash for 2011. From brooding grays and purples to rich chocolate browns and wines, these full-bodied colors are dramatic in a modern setting, and add coziness to more traditional decors. They can be sensual and intriguing in a bedroom, adding a relaxing element that helps the mind and body rest.

2blooming Inspiration

Picture foggy morning hills and fields bursting with blooming lavender plants, or the richest dark chocolate truffle and the glow of a full-bodied merlot, and you’ll be seeing the inspiration for today’s most popular color palettes.

3easy-breathing green

Neutrals on the rise this year include softer grays and yellow-greens, classically paired with crisp white or glossy black trim and accessories. And green isn’t just a color: It refers to environmentally friendly paint with low-VOC (volatile organic compound) content that’s also anti-allergen for people sensitive to airborne irritants. Today’s best paints are designed to have low impact on the environment without compromise in performance or choice in color or finish. Application and drying don’t affect indoor air quality, reducing respiratory irritation caused by fumes from traditionally formulated paints.

4Warm yet bold

Warm colors remain popular, and fresh tones of golden sand, smoky pink, dark red and deep orange bring vibrancy to a room when combined with a balancing neutral in furniture and accessories. Reddish pinks are hot too, and create interesting, bold rooms.

5Time-honored tradition

Some companies offer a wonderful selection of historic colors in partnership with the National Trust for Historic Preservation. If you’re renovating a historic home, staying true to the time period is key; these paint collections reflect the colors used in legendary American homes. While more traditional, these colors have a timeless element, and their authenticity complements the historic homes. The paint formulas are modern and easy to apply, while the colors honor a long and much-loved heritage.

The choice is yours

Color trends for 2011 look as much to the past as to the future for inspiration. Color creates atmosphere and brings life and drama to a room. Trendy golden yellow with a hint of peach, a milky gray/green with an undertone of silver, peony pink… it’s all a personal choice. New trends and better paint products make recreating your spaces with unexpected new colors a tempting proposition.

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