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Beach Week Beauty Finds: Rembrandt Deeply White Toothpaste

We’re having another Beach Week! And nothing goes better with a tan (fake, of course) than white teeth. We’re in love with Rembrandt Deeply White toothpaste!

Rembrandt Deeply White toothpaste

Rembrandt Deeply White toothpaste

We all know that white teeth are important for your look. But if you’re anything like us, you’ve tried all those strips and found…well, they don’t exactly go with ice cream. Personally, I used them one too many times and breathing hurt my teeth for weeks!

Needless to say, since then I’ve shied away from tooth whiteners. Well, I was convinced to try the Rembrandt Deeply White toothpaste as an alternative. I had headshots coming up and I’m a big fan of coffee and red wine, so I thought, what the hell. I’ll give it a go.

JennaThe results

I was pretty blown away by the results! I got compliments on my teeth…which is, admittedly, weird. But the best part is, my teeth aren’t sensitive. Look, I love the idea of using baking soda too, but ick. The taste is awful. This toothpaste actually tastes fantastic. And it’s a flouride toothpaste, so you’re not sacrificing anything. I also used the Deeply White mouthwash, which doesn’t make you feel like the inside of your mouth is being removed by acid. (I’m looking at you, Listerine!)

Take a look at the result. I’m pretty happy with it. One thing to note: These products whiten with peroxide and you should open them slowly the first time. Have you ever taken a bottle of mustard up a mountain and then opened it? Just be gentle the first time. We’d love to see your before and after pictures.

Buy it now Rembrandt Deeply White Toothpaste and Mouthwash are available at for $8 each.

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