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Wrapping-paper obsessed

When you have a gift to give, what’s your favorite way to wrap it? Do you prefer a bright and glossy paper with a fluffy bow? Maybe your wrapping paper style is simpler — some Kraft paper and raffia. Or do you prefer to have your gifts wrapped at the store before giving them? Let us help you find a signature wrapping paper style to fit your personality!

The recycler

recycled wrapping paper

Are you an avid recycler, volunteer to help clean up your neighborhood park on the weekends and love buying people donations to charities instead of impractical gifts?

Your signature wrapping paper is brown Kraft paper with colored raffia.

You can purchase Kraft paper online in huge rolls for fairly cheap — perfect for stashing in the closet to always have on hand for last-minute gifts. Raffia is the fibers from raffia palms — you can buy it in almost any color, making it the perfect addition to the simple Kraft paper.


The procrastinator

gift bags

Are you always the one buying a gift on your way to the party? Do you loathe having to tie a perfect bow and are always out of clear tape? Do you like your gifts to look great, but don’t have that crafty touch to get it done?

Your signature wrapping paper is a gift bag.

Wait! Don’t leave us yet! We are hardly talking about shoving a gift and a single sheet of colored tissue paper in an ugly Christmas bag from the back of your coat closet. Gift bags have come a long way and can be just as gorgeous and chic as wrapping paper. Plus, gift bags come in handy when you have a particularly odd-shaped gift!

The fashionista

wrapping paper

Do your friends always drool over your latest shoe purchase? Are you obsessed with Pinterest and schedule entire weekends around the arrival of the newest Vogue?

Your signature wrapping paper is individual sheets of boutique wrapping papers.

For gifts that you need wrapped, you’ll want to customize each paper to the gift and recipient — go to Paper Source or your local stationery store for the absolute best in beautiful papers that will make your gifts have as much style as you do.


The hipster

wrapping paper hipster

Do you prefer to shop at that little vintage store around the corner and make a conscious effort to do exactly opposite of what everyone else is doing, just because? Do you own a pair of black, thick-rimmed glasses, even though you have perfect vision?

Your signature wrapping paper is modern-day newspaper.

Remember being a kid and using the funny pages to wrap gifts? Well, what’s old is new again — we love this new twist on wrapping gifts in newspaper and your hipster style will appreciate it too. A custom design from Italy, this “wordless” paper from AHAlife has phrases on it for every occasion — just circle the one that you need!


Fine Stationary Custom Wrapping Paper

The hostess

Is throwing dinner parties your thing? Are you obsessed with all things monogram and insist on taking professional family photographs every summer?

Your signature wrapping paper is personalized.

Take your love for wrapping gifts to the next level with customizable papers — you can have a special message imprinted that says who the gift is from and even design wrapping papers for the holidays — think Christmas 2012! Bonus — you never have to worry about the card falling off your gift and the recipient not knowing who it’s from!



No matter what your signature wrapping paper style may be, picking the perfect gift for someone in your life is the best part of giving. Hopefully these wrapping paper ideas inspired you to find a style that reflects your own personality!


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