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7 Celebrity beauty secrets to simplify your beauty routine

Genetics certainly play a part in your favorite celebrity’s everyday beauty, but that doesn’t explain how they always seem to have perfect skin, hair and nails. Use these celebrity beauty secrets to simplify your beauty routine while giving yourself a fresh and healthy glow.

Woman applying lipstick

1Protect your skin

With the advent of high definition video cameras and TVs, celebrities absolutely must protect their skin from aging, however, they understand something that most of us don’t – it’s not just the face that shows lines and wrinkles. The skin on your neck, chest and hands actually age faster than the skin on your face, so celebrities make sure to apply sunscreen to these areas daily. You can follow suit by doing the same – it only takes a minute, but the results can last a lifetime.

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2Gwen StefaniCurl your lashes

Celebrities always seem to have long, full eyelashes that pop on the red carpet. While many of them choose to use fake lashes for special occasions, you can maximize what you’ve got by simply using an eyelash curler. Heat your curler up by holding it under a blow dryer for a second or two, then curl your lashes from the root, holding for only five to 10 seconds. In less than a minute you’ll have longer, fuller looking lashes.

3Choose a signature feature

When envisioning most celebrities, you probably focus on a particular aspect of their beauty. For instance, Jessica Simpson is known for her hair, Gwen Stefani for her gorgeous red lips and Kim Kardashian for her sexy, smoky eyes. If you choose to focus on a particular feature, you can simplify and cut back on your total beauty routine.

4Brighten up your locks

You don’t need to hit the salon the next time your hair looks dull and faded. Instead, try rinsing your locks in a cold drink that’s the same-color as your hair. The drink’s tint will brighten up your locks and the cool temperature will seal the hair shaft, giving it a nice shine. Nicole Kidman’s signature red and blonde hairdos have purportedly benefited from cranberry juice and champagne, respectively.

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5Stay hydrated

Soft, supple skin starts with proper hydration, and it’s not just topical moisturizers that do the trick. Celebrities often talk about how much water they drink because they know that drinking water helps plump skin cells, making them look younger and more refreshed. Try improving your morning beauty routine by drinking a glass of water while getting ready, then continuing to drink a glass once every two hours. You’ll instantly look and feel more beautiful.

6Salma Hayak Thick HairClean up your diet

Celebrities tend to “eat clean” – consuming lots of fruits and veggies, fish, nuts and beans. This type of diet ensures that they’re receiving the vitamins, minerals and fatty acids that help keep skin and hair beautiful. Every girl’s gotta eat, so you might as well eat the foods that will help brighten and enliven your looks.

7Deep-condition your hair

If you covet the healthy, thick locks of celebrities like Carrie Underwood or Salma Hayek, take the time to deep condition your hair two or three times a month. It will take roughly 20 minutes to do, but the results will last until your next treatment. Simply apply a thick, creamy conditioner to slightly damp hair, comb your hair from root to tip with a wide-tooth comb, then place your hair under a shower cap for 15 minutes. After rinsing the conditioner out, you’ll be left with smoother, brighter and thicker-feeling hair.

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