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7 Time-saving beauty tips

Who wouldn’t love a few extra minutes in the morning? A few quick changes to your morning routine can save you precious time, helping you get out the door faster or allowing time for that extra cup of coffee. Try some of these time-saving tips to get a head start on your day.

Woman getting waxed

1Shower at night

Start your morning with one thing already checked off your to-do list by showering at night. You’ll wake up halfway ready to leave, saving a ton of time in the process. If you’re a mom, showering after the kiddos are sound asleep may mean a longer, more peaceful shower for you, a rarity in households with children.

2Waterless wash

Use waterless facial cleansing wipes to wash your face. They take seconds to work, and you can do it while pouring your coffee. Keep a container beside your bed to get your beauty routine started before your feet even hit the ground. It’ll help open your eyes when you would rather hit the snooze button.

3Multi-tasking products

Combine two steps into one to shave minutes from your morning. Look for shampoos with conditioner or body washes that moisturize to shorten your routine and minimize the products you use.

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If foundation is a step you just can’t skip, use cream-to-powder. It goes on much quicker than liquid, but do take a few seconds to make sure it’s applied evenly.

4Tan yourself

If you’re like most ladies, you’d give anything for that beautiful, sun-kissed glow during the warmer months. It’s hard to find time for sunbathing, though. Instead, try a self-bronzer. There’s a wide variety of sprays and lotions on the market, mostly geared toward ease of use. Follow the directions carefully to avoid streaking, and start with a lighter shade and work your way up to avoid turning orange.

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5Sleep on satin

Satin sheets do more than make you feel like a princess. A satin pillowcase will go easy on your hair, so you’re less likely to wake up to a bad hair day. Trade your old cotton pillowcase for one of these higher-end models, and you’ll not only sleep more comfortably, but you’ll wake up that much closer to being ready.

6Be prepared

Running out of a product unexpectedly puts a big damper on your morning. Scurrying around for a replacement takes time you don’t have. Keep a jar of petroleum jelly on hand, because it replaces several products when you’re in a pinch. Dab some on your cheeks to give your face a glow or use it to replace your lip gloss. Use a cotton swab to apply some to your eyelashes when your mascara runs dry. Smooth it on your cuticles if your nails are looking shabby, or use it to smooth unruly eyebrows.

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7Wax away

Give up your razor for good. Instead, try waxing. It takes time to wax, but it’s a chore that only needs to be done every few weeks. Wax away unwanted hair on the weekend or whenever you have extra free time, and skip shaving every morning. You’ll never go back to shaving again.

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