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8 Double-duty beauty products that save time and money

Short on time and money? Double-duty products help you in more ways than one. They shorten the time you spend searching for products every day, and they save you space in an area of your home that never has enough storage. Best of all, double-duty products save your wallet, since you spend (and waste!) less by using each item in every way that you can.

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1Moisturize and protect

No matter how rushed you are in the morning, you simply can’t skip your moisturizer. Why not protect yourself from the sun’s damaging rays while you’re at it? Use a moisturizer with added SPF to keep your face soft, fresh and glowing while staying safe outside. Most moisturizers with added sunscreen wear well under makeup, and are great for day-to-day activities like short jaunts outdoors and trips in the car. If you’re going to be spending long hours under the sun, especially midday, be sure to add a stronger sunscreen before you step outdoors.

2Multi-tasking makeup

A quick way to shorten your makeup routine is to minimize the amount of product you use. Invest in a brightly colored cream blush, and use it to add color to your eyes and lips, as well as your cheeks, whenever you’re in a rush. This triple-use product also goes a long way toward lightening your load, since one small tub of the stuff replaces three items in your purse or pocket.

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Have a baby in the house? Use your baby’s shampoo, detangler or lotion. They work just as well as yours, are all-natural and probably cost a lot less.

3Soften and sun

No one wants to be pasty and pale when shorts season arrives. Replace your morning body moisturizer with one that contains a gradual bronzer for a beautiful glow in no time. Self-tanners are available in several forms, but there’s no need to make this beauty booster add time to your beauty routine. Instead, find one that moisturizes and tans all at once. You’ll end up looking sun-kissed without the time it takes to sunbathe or the damaging effects of the sun.

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4Brighten up


Replace your daily facial moisturizer with one that’s tinted. It’ll help you skip right over the self-tanner step, and likely help you skip some of your makeup routine as well. If your lotion makes you glow and look like you’ve spent a few days lounging in the sun, you certainly don’t need to cover it up with foundation or powder, right?

5Second life

What do you do with your mascara wand when you buy a new tube? If you throw it away, you’re trashing a great beauty tool. The next time you buy a new tube of mascara, wash the old wand with soap and water and let it air dry. Use it as brush to help separate your lashes after you apply mascara. It works just as well – if not better – than most store-bought brushes.

6Send puffy eyes packing

Some beauty products have surprising second uses. If you have a tube of hemorrhoid cream tucked away somewhere in your bathroom, you also have a solution for puffy eyes. Dab some on under your eyes and let it stay there for at least 15 minutes, then wash it away with soap and water. It’ll reduce the puff that comes from tiredness, allergies, water retention and even crying bouts, leaving you looking refreshed.

7Treat and hide zits

Waking up to a new pimple is a horrible way to start your day. It also adds a ton of time to your morning routine. Not only do you have to treat the problem area, you also have to work to cover it up. Find a product that does both steps at once to help save you precious time. Many products designed to treat blemishes are tinted with concealer, so they hide the zit while working to send it packing.

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8Soften in the shower

Applying lotion head to toe every morning takes a big chunk out of your schedule. Instead, replace your soap or body wash with one that also moisturizes. A hydrating body wash or shower oil will keep your skin soft and moisturized while cleaning, meaning you can dry off and dress as soon as you step out of the shower.

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