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What to wear for Memorial Day outings

Maybe you’re planning a pool party to celebrate Memorial Day this year. Or maybe an outdoor picnic is more your style. Either way, it’s easy to look your best when following a few simple tips. We’ve picked the top 5 ways you are most likely to honor America while starting your summer off right, and have matched each activity with our top fashion picks. Here’s what to wear this Memorial Day, no matter how you’ll be celebrating.

During a Barbecue

Barbecuing is a tradition for a reason: it’s delicious. Its a great way to show off your cooking skills and your new summer outfit. Follow these tips so that looking great is as fun and easy as hanging around the barbeque with friends and family.


For a Dressy Affair

Maybe you want to take a dressier angle to this Monday’s festivities. Whether you’re planning a fancy dinner or attending a friend’s party, know how to dress-up in summery style. Best of all, these fashions are super affordable.



At a Patriotic Picnic                                        

Planning a picnic but not sure how to dress for Mother Nature? Show up in your best picnic attire by following these simple steps. You’re attire will be so perfectly appropriate, you’ll want to pack more picnics into your schedule.



By the Beach

It’s that time of year again — time to head to the beach for some much-needed relaxation. This Memorial Day, be a beach beauty with these ocean-inspired styles. You’ll be prepared for the sun and sand from head to toe.


In the water

To all the swimmers out there, we’ve got you covered. Whether you’re inside or sitting beside a pool, river, ocean or lake, this Memorial Day, we’ll show you how to make a splash. These swimsuits are fun and fashionable. So swim away.



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