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Meet Laura Baron

Laura Baron is Host and Life Coach of VH1’s hit reality series ‘You’re Cut Off,’ currently in its second season.

Laura Baron

Regularly featured on the TODAY Show and Extra for her lifestyle and relationship insights, Laura is regarded as a premier change agent for the modern woman. As an advice columnist, Laura’s articles have been published worldwide.

Laura is hired to transform both individuals and large groups all over the world. Laura’s individual clients report greater success using her intuitive and customized methods over traditional therapy. These discriminating clients include entrepreneurs, celebrities, and women in transition. Laura’s high-energy empowerment seminars target groups ready to be inspired and take action.

Influenced by her mom, a former Peace Corps volunteer, and by her grandmother, a women’s rights activist Laura is self-taught and specializes in empowering women and inciting community change. She drives client success through one-on-one meetings and customized large-group seminars. Laura equips clients with tools that revamp their lives in order to face their truths and maximize their potential. She has coached individuals to critical success for over ten years.

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