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Beauty Finds: Vitamin Gummies and tips from Dr. Lindsay Duncan

At SheKnows we are loving Genesis Today’s Gummie Vitamins. It reminds us of being a kid and it’s certainly no chore to take your daily vitamins when they taste this yummy! We got to chat with their creator, Naturopathic Doctor & Superfood Expert, Dr. Lindsey Duncan. Dr. Duncan is a food guru to tons of celebrities including Demi Moore and Marc Jacobs. He gave us some info on the vitamins, super fruits and great weight loss advice. He also shares the weirdest weight loss myths he’s ever heard from his celebrity clients.

Gummy vitamins

What is the number one piece of weight loss advice and healthy body advice you give to your celebrity clients?

Dr. Lindsey Duncan: I’ll break this down into 2 separate categories, first, the weight loss advice. The number one weight loss advice that I give my celebrity clients is to not take something that you’ve been sold to lose weight. I teach them how their how their metabolism works and what to do to make it work better, which then causes their bodies to lose weight without effort. So if I take celebrity A and I teach them how to enhance their digestion, absorption and assimilation of food, they’re going to burn, process and metabolize everything 40, 50, or event 60 percent better. The results are going to be easy, fast and impressive. Then I make sure that they are eliminating all the waste from their bodies because our bodies produce large amounts of waste everyday so we don’t hold onto anything we don’t want to. I then teach them that their metabolism is just like the engine of a car, and here is where it gets good, I teach them how to turn the heat up, and when they turn the heat up, they burn everything, they make sure everything is converted to energy and used throughout the day. I’m like a heat seeking missile when it comes to ensuring that nothing gets stored or saved in the body. I teach them that you can either use it and burn it as fuel or store it on your buttocks and hips.

Sweat and stretch, sweat and stretch, sweat and stretch. Sweating and stretching and panting and stimulating and increasing cardiovascular activity is one of the quickest and most effective ways to undo a bad night of eating, a bad night of drinking, to undo an international flight, undo fatigue, undo depression and to undo frustration. Go in a hot room and sweat, go up and down stairs, do anything you need to do to get your body sweating for at least 35 minutes.

How important are daily vitamins? What inspired you to come up with Vitamin Gummies?

Dr. Lindsey Duncan: I put daily vitamins in the same category that I put clean air, healthy alkaline water and dark leafy green vegetables. They are a must for me, they have been a must for over 28 years and they are a must for 100 percent of my clientele. It is a sad fact that our polluted, toxic environment, our nutrient deficient and depleted soils, our vitamin, mineral and enzyme depleted fast foods and our over-achieving stressful lifestyles all cause depletion of critical, vital nutrients. I have learned over the past 28 years that the best insurance policy that I can buy is a healthy, simple, great tasting vitamin supplement that I don’t swallow whole and gamble whether it’s going to be metabolized, but that I chew and allow it to mix with my saliva, which assures that it gets digested, metabolized, absorbed and assimilated into my body and feeds the 60 trillion cells of the human body. We must remember our stomach does not have teeth, put things in your stomach that has not been mixed with your saliva and your body has trouble digesting it.

What exactly are superfruits and what do they do for us? What’s all the hype about?

Dr. Lindsey Duncan: Superfruits have been given that name for a very specific and rational reason, it’s very similar comparing a supercenter to a regular center, superman to a regular man, supermodel to a regular model, a superfruit has super high amounts of nutrients that we need to sustain life and make as healthy, vibrant and strong. Superfruits also contain unique novel compounds that are found in no other plant or food on earth. Here are some examples: Acai contains high levels of omega fatty acids 3, 6 & 9, which is very unusual for a fruit to have, normally we get these fats from fish. Acai also contains a super powerful antioxidant called cyanidin 3-glucoside. It was recently discovered that Acai contains 75 natural, active compounds that have yet to be identified and don’t even have names. Another perfect example would be Goji berry from the Himalayan region containing very unique powerful healing compounds called Lycium Barbarum Polysaccharides. These are unique polysaccharides only found in the Goji berry that have magnificent and far-reaching healing properties. Much of this has drawn the attention of the scientific community where dozens and dozens of clinical trials have been done on these unique compounds. I could give equally compelling examples for Sea Buckthorn with its amazing Omega 7 fatty acid, the Noni fruit from the South Pacific with its PP1 and PP2 compounds, and Mangosteen from Southeast Asia with its very powerful and unique xanthone content.

What’s the strangest weight loss myth you’ve ever heard from your celebrity clients?

Dr. Lindsey Duncan: I would say that there are too many of these that I’ve heard over the years to pinpoint, but I’ve been exposed to the craziest diets that one could imagine – from the urine therapy diet to the grapefruit diet and run across the gamut of different foods all the way to the all brown rice diet and even the all raw red meat diet, which was probably one of the worst I’ve seen. I’ve had patients try to be fruitarians and even one tried to be a breatharian, which obviously that one… failed. The most important thing is to diversify your diet, make smart, healthy, educated choices and eat foods that deliver the most nutrients like superfoods.

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