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Trends in girl nurseries

Expecting a baby girl? Then it’s time to start thinking about how you’ll decorate her nursery. To give you the inside scoop on stunning nursery décor for a baby girl, SheKnows talked to interior designers to find out what’s in and what’s out right now. They shared their tips on everything from picking out a theme and colors to shopping for furniture, bedding and accessories.

Girl nursery

1Select a theme

The first key to creating a beautiful nursery is to establish a theme, explains Jennifer Barber, owner of Cotton Candy Lane, a luxury boutique for children. “Know where you are going with your nursery. Don’t just start buying stuff willy-nilly if you want a room that truly looks pulled together and like a designer did it,” says Barber.

She adds, “Themes can be anything you want: princess, garden, fairy, jungle, circus or Parisian vintage. These days, with so many products available to you, anything goes.”

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2Go easy on the color pink and prissy décor

Don’t feel restricted to pink, frilly décor simply because you’re expecting a baby girl. If you don’t care for girly colors and accessories now, you probably won’t change your mind later.

“Remember, the nursery is an extension of your home, and a reflection of your taste,” says Susan Hutchinson, a designer and owner of Nesting LLC. “If you want an explosion of pink, then by all means do it. Just be careful of the color. Pink paint can be tricky. You can easily end up inside a Pepto-Bismol bottle.”

Hutchinson explains that you can still create a feminine, elegant nursery using neutrals or other colors besides pink. “In fact, French blue can be quite gorgeous when paired with other girly elements,” she says. “Think of how your child will grow in the room and decorate accordingly. Choose quality pieces that will stand the test of time and adapt to their toddler lifestyle.”

3Shop for the fundamentals first

When designing your baby girl’s nursery, Barber suggests decorating with usable items first and adding tchotchkes later. Usable items include furniture, bedding and window treatments — three elements every nursery needs. Tchotchkes include figurines and stuffed animals and are often to blame for making a room look too cluttered.

“You will be surprised how fast a room will fill up, and that room only gets messier when the baby comes. A luxe blanket is a perfect usable item that also does double-duty as décor,” says Barber.

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4Decorate with meaningful items

The nursery will be a special place in your home, and should be treated as such. Barber advises that you “add personal touches — anything that makes your nursery uniquely yours and you won’t see walking into any ol’ baby store. This ranges from a beautiful frame with a picture of your grandma as a baby girl to a trinket from your childhood you’ve held on to all these years.”

Above all, steer clear of the stress associated with selecting nursery décor. If you keep these tips in mind and trust your gut, you’re sure to create a stunning nursery that you and your baby girl will enjoy.

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Photo credit: Little Crown Interiors. See additional images of the nursery here.

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