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How to build the custom kitchen of your dreams

Turn your average kitchen into an elegant masterpiece with a custom kitchen makeover. With innovative new technologies in kitchen appliances, cutting edge custom cabinetry, gorgeous countertops and other fabulous design elements, your new kitchen can be everything you want it to be — and more.

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1Strategize your kitchen design

At the center of your home, the kitchen is the place where everyone gathers to cook, work, eat and entertain. When building your custom kitchen, it is important to spend time considering your family’s specific design needs before anything else. Will the kids need space to do homework? Does your family do a lot of entertaining? How many people cook in the kitchen at one time? All of these factors are important to consider and will help you envision the kind of space and amenities that will make your kitchen a dream come true.

2Hire a professional

Depending on the type of remodeling project you are planning, you may need assistance from one or more professionals, including architects, certified kitchen designers (CKDs), interior designers and/or general contractors. Make sure to choose contractors that understand your vision and have the appropriate credentials, so that the finished product is an extraordinary space that reflects your taste and personality.

3Choose a style

Now the fun begins. There are many different types of styles to choose from, the most popular being classic, modern, contemporary, traditional, country and eclectic. The overarching style will help you to narrow in on more specific design elements, such as flooring, cabinetry, lighting, countertops, windows, wall treatments, hardware and, of course, appliances. Take the time to look at lots of photographs of kitchen concepts you admire before you settle on a look of your own.

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4Kitchen cabinets

Cabinets are the backbone of any kitchen, but with custom cabinetry, the choices and options are infinite. Take time considering all your cabinetry options, because the choices you make will directly impact the layout and overall style of your space. A new trend in cabinetry is viewing cabinets as individual pieces of furniture and combining different wood colors and textures for heightened visual drama. Of course, the functionality of the cabinets is also key. Recent innovations in cabinet design, such as tiered storage, pull-outs, tilt-out bins, in-drawer lighting, swing-outs and tray dividers, offer impressive storage solutions which make food storage, preparation and clean-up much simpler.

5Major appliances

If the quantity and quality of cabinetry options left you dizzy, get ready to swoon when you see the latest advances in kitchen technologies. Believe it or not, kitchen appliances are now just as customizable as cabinets. Professional-grade kitchen equipment is not going away, but has continued to surge in popularity with innovative new options in induction cooking and steam-powered ovens. Traditional ranges, ovens and cooktops are also now conveniently offered in a variety of customizable options. Many families are going with several mini-cooking stations when more than one family member is involved in meal preparation. Refrigeration is also undergoing a revolution. The latest models are also conveniently customizable, as well as energy efficient. Stainless steel is still going strong, but sleek new looks with elegant wood paneling now allow refrigerators to virtually disappear into the background.

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6Finishing touches

Elegant finishing touches, like countertops, backsplash, hardware, faucets, sinks, flooring, lighting and wall treatments, will give you the opportunity to express your individual style. Eco-friendly materials are making a splash throughout the kitchen with attractive and appealing options that are also renewable and sustainable. Make sure you take advantage of every inch of your new space to maximize storage, minimize clutter and create a one-of-a-kind space that everyone in your family will enjoy.

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