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Save vs. splurge: Cream cleansers

In today’s Save/Splurge, we’re taking on cream cleansers. For those of us with dry skin, they’re a must. But it’s hard to find one that takes off all the makeup you put on and moisturizes, but doesn’t leave a film. We’ve got two great ones for you today. L’Athene PRIMESSE Essential Facial Cleanser and Burt’s Bees Soap Bark and Camomile Deep Cleansing Cream Soap.

Splurge vs Steal face wash

It’s really difficult to find a cream cleanser that manages to balance moisture with…well, working! Some are super moisturizing, but they leave a film that makes you feel like you’re covered in goo. Others leave traces of last night’s makeup all over you and still others just don’t give you enough moisture.

I’ve tried a zillion of them on my clients (especially on film shoots where the constant heavy products make the skin sensitive) and on my own skin. I’ve found two that I love.

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First the Splurge. I’m in love with L’Athene Essential Facial Cleanser. It smells like lavender and it actually takes everything off my face, including lash glue. It’s not super heavy, so I’d say this is for dry skin, not super dry skin. It’s detergent free and I have yet to use it on anyone who had a reaction from it.


On the Save side, we have Burt’s Bees Soap Bark and Camomile Deep Cleansing Cream Soap. This company is a favorite of mine and this product is wonderful. This one is great if you tend towards redness in the face. It has echinacea and aloe vera in addition to camomile and soap bark. If you’re not familiar with the last ingredient, it’s a natural cleanser and foaming agent. This stuff is seriously gentle and is great for taking off makeup. Though it won’t get off waterproof mascara, it will get everything else. I’ve even used it as hand cream in a pinch.

Buy it now L’Athene PRIMESSE Essential Facial Cleanser is available at and retails for $45.

Burt’s Bees Soap Bark and Camomile Deep Cleansing Cream Soap is available at for $8.

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