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Understanding the latest kitchen technologies

Looking for the dish on the latest kitchen technologies? You’ve come to the right spot. Learn what’s hot and happening in cutting edge kitchen design.

Modern kitchen design

The modern kitchen

With the kitchen becoming the family hub in most American homes, it is obvious why we spend so much energy and attention on kitchen design. We want to be able to do everything from cooking, eating, cleaning, homework, socializing and even entertaining in our kitchen. The most innovative new kitchen designs today are taking advantage of the latest in cutting edge technology, while still keeping in mind concepts that are important to modern families, like eco-friendly appliances, open concept living, multi-functional options and creative design elements.

1Intelligent appliances

Even the Jetsons would be impressed by the intelligent kitchen appliances on the market today. One of the hottest new technology trends in kitchen design is appliances that aren’t just functional, but also wicked smart.

Ultra-efficient dishwashers are now capable of operating half-loads with eco-sensor features that optimize the efficiency of each individual load. Intelligent refrigerators are equipped with sensors that enable the appliance to operate most efficiently based on when and how often the appliance is used in a particular family environment. High-tech washers and dryers can now detect optimal water and detergent levels to reduce water and energy waste. Smart ovens/refrigerators are capable of being operated remotely by cell phone or internet access from anywhere in the world. Just leave your food in the refrigerated oven and when it’s time to start cooking, send your oven a text message. Voila!

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2Eco-friendly solutions

With more and more people recognizing the importance of going green, kitchen technologies are beginning to reflect this important lifestyle change. Almost every appliance in your kitchen can be purchased in an energy-efficient model, which is not only good for the planet, but great for your family budget as well.

3Multi-functional design

You want the latest technologies, but you still want your kitchen to be a warm and inviting space. Enter multi-functional design. Many kitchen appliances are now so customizable, you can feel free to configure the layout to your family’s specific needs and still achieve a sleek, modern look.

Refrigerators are now available in an infinite range of sizes, shapes and configurations offering impressive convenience for families, but also greater efficiency. Want a refrigerated snack drawer in your island so your preschoolers don’t have to dig around in the big refrigerator every time they want a yogurt cup or string cheese? Done. Dreaming about a built-in wine cooler? Not a problem. Need an extra freezer tucked into your cabinetry? You got it.

Oven, range and cooktop customization options are equally impressive. There’s no need to have an oven that isn’t suited to your personal needs with innumerable mix-and-match choices like gas ranges, professional-grade ranges, wall ovens, double wall ovens, induction cooktops, gas cooktops, electric cooktops, integrated modules, warming drawers, warming hoods and more.

4Home entertainment

With the kitchen at the center of the home, it is no wonder that home entertainment is entering the hearth. Appliances with built-in media are trending. Want to replay an episode of your favorite cooking show while you prepare dinner to make sure you get all the steps right? You won’t ever have to be unplugged with refrigerators, range hoods, cabinets and even dishwashers offering built-in audio, HD video and internet options.

5Creative storage and customizable design

Kitchen cabinets where you have to cram everything in one place and barely know what you even own are a thing of the past. Creative solutions for organization, efficient storage, visibility and simplicity are the hottest new thing in cabinetry.

Do you want to recycle using different trash cans in your pantry? Creative pull-outs are designed specifically for this purpose. Vertical cabinets make storing serving trays, cookie sheets, cooling racks and cutting boards a cinch. Innovative racks for pot lids, spices and swing-outs make for easy access when storing unwieldy items. Countertops can be designed with custom options like flexible tempered glass prep boards, colanders and drain trays. With all the latest options in modern technology, you really can have the kitchen of your dreams.

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