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Beauty Finds: Paul & Joe Spring Collection

Need a little sparkle in your life? We’ve got a new eyeshadow collection from Paul & Joe that will make you shine like the sun! We’ve also got a really fun tip to make your hair shimmer too!

Spring Collection from Paul & Joe Beaute

Paul Joe Spring Collections

The new Spring Collection from Paul & Joe Beaute is full of shimmer and shine. These dual-colored shadows our some of our current favorites. They’re packed with good ingredients like Lilium candidum (White lily) extract, which moisturizes and prevents skin irritation, and orange flow water, jojoba oil and hyaluronic acid (Sodium hyaluronate) which keep your skin soft. That’s no small thing. You know how delicate the skin on your eyelid is.

They come in five duos and the colors are gorgeous. Now, one thing to note is that they’re very sheer. You’re not going to get a ton of pigment here. That’s a good thing. Unless you’re fifteen or Lady Gaga, you probably don’t want to look like a disco ball. Take a shadow brush that is on the stiffer side and get a little product on it. Tap onto bare eyelids or on top of other shadow. Keep the shimmer on the lid itself. The brow bone can use a highlighter, but shimmer makes you look oh, so very 1997. (In fact, we recommend using a lighter concealer on the brow bone to brighten but not overwhelm the eye.)

Anti.Gravity Kevin Murphy

Anti.Gravity Oil Free Volumiser

And now that hair tip we mentioned. This one comes to us from master stylist Kevin Murphy. He makes a great product (that smells divine) called Anti.Gravity Oil Free Volumiser. It gives great volume in general, but he has another use for it. Put some in the hair and blow dry. Take a shimmer eyeshadow (like the Paul & Joe collection) and apply to the hair. The Anti.Gravity works as an adhesive. You can do the whole head, you can just do a small section in the front for effect or strands all over the hair. Talk about super summer shimmer!

Buy it now The Paul & Joe Beaute Spring Collection is available at and retails for $22 each.

Kevin Murphy Anti.Gravity Oil Free Volumiser is available at and retails for $25. Want to see Kevin in action? Check out this video podcast.

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