Illuminating design: Fun, functional floor lamps

A well-lit space does wonders for the mind, body and soul. An instant fix for a poorly lit space is to illuminate the often overlooked corners of a room with standing floor lamps. Light the corners of a room and watch the space instantly breathe with new life.

Floor lamps

An added benefit to standing lighting is that you’ll save valuable surface space. Although glossy design magazines often showcase clutter-free living spaces, the reality is often otherwise. It’s important to note, however, that to truly maximize your home’s optimal lighting design, you must incorporate a combination of fixtures along with the floor lamp. That said, I find the floor lamp to be the little black dress of lighting: Versatile, ultra-functioional and with the ability to make any space look better! Here is a round-up of my favorite floor lamp models to fit any home.

1Traditional tastes

Pottery Barn’s Sienna floor lamp would look at home in formal or casual living space alike. This lamp’s curves are reminiscent of the Florentine fleur-de-lys, providing a classically elegant look. The blackened iron base balances it out with a touch of masculinity.

2Factory chic

Restoration Hardware’s industrial Counterweight task floor lamp would make converts of even the staunchest table-lamp aficionado. Position this beauty in a multi-purpose space to maximize the utility of the built-in pulley system. The technology allows for the adjustment of the bulb and shade for optimal lighting.

3Unusual finds

If it’s a head-turner that you crave, look no further than Usona. This ultra-modern floor lamp may sate your appetite on the spot. The cut-out shade comes in a black or white lacquer and sits atop a tripod stand. To push the envelope a little further, go with their uplight lamp (pictured). The legless body and ultra-unique sculptural shape is sure to get guests talking.

Floor lamps

4Take two

Chiasso’s studio-inspired chrome-plated spotlight lamp, or CB2’s Beacon floor lamp (pictured) could be used to call attention to a beloved photograph, painting or sculpture, or to simply add a touch of Hollywood movie-set glamour to any space.

5Fit for a queen

This Wired King floor lamp from Hive is a work of art on its own. Its Baroque curves give it a feminine aesthetic and the wire frame won’t distract from other design elements in the room.

6Masculine beauty

Touting a pared-down, masculine aesthetic, Anthropologie’s brass Gilded Glow floor lamp is a lesson in simple elegance.

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