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Create an eco-chic home with planet-friendly style

You’ve heard of shabby chic, but a new take on this trend is eco-chic décor! No matter what your budget, choosing to go green in the home is always in fashion. Try your hand at repurposing and reusing household items with flair, or add earth-friendly items throughout the home to create an eclectic look with a planet-friendly twist.

Eco-chic decor

1Invite nature in

No backyard? No problem! Enliven small spaces by bringing the outdoors in with the Wally by Woolly Pocket! One of the latest urban trends is vertical gardens that grow up a wall or other vertical surface. Innovative vertical garden containers, such as the Woolly Pocket, help consumers beautify their homes even if they don’t have a backyard. Made with recycled plastics, the pockets can be placed indoors or outdoors to create a hanging garden oasis or functional herb garden.

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2Relax in eco-luxe style

Bring the spa feeling home with eco-friendly luxe linens, towels and more! While getting away to an eco-spa destination may be a stretch for most, creating the same feeling in your home adds an element of calm and relaxation. Outfit the bath area with plush, organic, pesticide-free towels from the Turkish Towel Company that wrap your whole body in luxury! Next, light an organic soy candle and slip into the tub for an evening of bliss in the comfort of your own home.

Add natural warmth and elegance to the bedroom with 100 percent bamboo bedding for cozy, planet-friendly comfort. Fresh, cool and modern, Bamboo Dreams sheet sets from Yala Designs just get better with use – they become softer and more luxurious the more you wash them! Top that off with a gorgeous silk fleece throw and you’ll never want to get out of bed in the morning.

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3Pop a cork (floor, that is!)

Add warmth and interest to any room with cork flooring — a new, polished, comfortable and eco-friendly flooring option that has infinite design possibilities. When most people think of cork they go straight to bulletin boards and wine bottles, but now cork is taking on a whole new shape and purpose. Cork flooring connects style and sustainability, while adding texture to any room. Cork is environmentally friendly, natural, reusable and recyclable, offering serenity and simplicity in design that’s harmonized with nature.

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4Think multi-purpose

Made with 100 percent recycled polyethylene plastic, the Kinsman Garden Trug Tub is flexible and versatile. Great for carting around tools and plant trimmings, it can even serve as an ice bucket for a summertime soirée, this multipurpose garden tub comes in handy in all kinds of situations. The tubs are available in basic black or brilliant red, blue, green, purple or yellow. Perfect for organizing beach toys or outdoor gear for the kids!

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