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Eco-friendly tech products we love

Being green conscious doesn’t mean foregoing your love of technology. In fact, more companies are rolling out cool eco-friendly electronic devices and gadgets that consumers can use with ease. Check out these top 5 tech products we love to use.

1mac-miniMac mini

Laptops are all the craze, and Apple has introduced one of the world’s most energy-efficient desktop computers. The Mac mini is free of nasty chemicals used in many electronics like lead, BFRs (brominated flame retardants) and PVC (polyvinyl chloride). According to the manufacturer, it’s highly recyclable and requires minimal packaging. Mac, $699

2verso-arc-lightVerso Arc Light

The Verso Arc Light made by LightWedge features a USB rechargeable battery and patent-pending cuffs designed to slide onto your e-reader and stay in place. According to LightWedge, the light’s curved arm glides up into the “on” position, casting bright, even light without any adjustment. The powerful LED light clips right on to your Amazon Kindle, Nook and Sony Readers. LightWedge, $39

3kailo-chicKailo Chic Laptop Tote

Eco-friendly laptop totes are becoming a hot fashion trend. Kailo Chic makes attractive bags that easily conceal and protect supersized laptops. “Our laptop bags are made with sustainable cotton canvas and are printed with AZO free, water-based, vegetable dyes. We also use synthetic leather so our bags are vegan as well,” says Kailo Chic designer Kara Whitten. Kailo Chic, $70

4LL-Bean-Crank-FlashlightL.L. Bean Crank Flashlight, Mini

With this hand-cranked powered LED flashlight, you’ll never get caught in the dark. One minute of cranking produces about 20 minutes of light. No need to buy batteries. This handy gadget is perfect for the car, camping trips or for those pesky nighttime power outages. L.L. Bean, $14.95

Solio Mono Solar Charger



With this convenient device, phones, cameras and MP3s are always ready to go. This portable solar charger is easy to use — just attach cables and press start. The handy device can charge most popular devices like iPhones, Kindles, iPads and the Blackberry. If the sun isn’t cooperating, the charger can also be plugged into a USB port or wall charger. Solio, $59.95

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