Top camping vacation destinations for families

If you’re planning your summer vacation, consider a family camping trip. Camping offers adventure, promotes family bonding and allows children to explore nature. We’ve compiled a selection of some of the best family camping destinations in the United States, from the Pacific Northwest to the Southeast. Read on to learn more about the best places in the US to go camping.

Young family camping

Northwest camping

Oregon, Washington and other Northwest camping spots offer lush green scenery, spectacular mountains and beautiful shoreline.

Check out the best family camping spots in the Northwest US. >>

Southwest camping

New Mexico and Arizona features sand dunes, caves, lakes, deserts, mountains and more. Your family will love camping in the Southwest.

Learn more about the best family camping spots in the Southwest US. >>

California camping

California offers a wide variety of terrain, from deserts to mountains to beaches. Experience camping from Big Bear Lake in Southern California to the campgrounds in Lake Tahoe.

Find out more about the best family camping spots in California.>>

Midwest and Great Lakes camping

The coastal regions aren’t the only places in the country with camping opportunities. Don’t forget about the Midwest states and the Great Lakes region, where you can camp, fish, hike, hunt and more.

Check out the best family camping spots in the Midwest and Great Lakes area.>>

Rocky Mountains camping

Some of the most beautiful campgrounds in the country are located in the Rocky Mountain region in states such as Colorado, Montana, Utah and Wyoming.

Locate some of the best family camping spots in the Rocky Mountains. >>

Southern camping

Florida, Georgia and the southern United States offer plenty of opportunities for camping. Your family can experience primitive camping, lakeside camping and mountain camping all in the South.

Find out more about the best family camping spots in Southeast US. >>

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