Beauty Finds: Corn starch, vodka & olive oil

Beauty in your kitchen? Believe it! We’ll give you our favorite tips and tricks straight from the fridge!

Let’s be honest. Makeup and skin care don’t come cheap. Well, we’ve got some tips and tricks for you that won’t cost a thing… if you have these products in your kitchen. We’ll be bringing you money-saving tips using household items periodically. Here are a few to get you started.

1Oily skin

Corn starch is a good substitute for anti-oil face powder

This is a rough one, especially in humid climates. As the weather heats up and the air gets slimy, ladies (and gentlemen) with oily skin suffer. A healthy glow is one thing, but no one wants to be as shiny as a disco ball. Makeup cakes with every application of pressed powder and most anti-shine products don’t allow foundation to be applied smoothly. The solution? Cornstarch! Yes, that box of white powder you use to thicken gravy is the best anti-oil product out there. It absorbs moisture beautifully and it doesn’t cost anywhere near what a box of loose powder does.

Take a fluffy brush and dust a bit across you t-zone over makeup and especially on your eyelids before applying eyeshadows on a hot day. And ladies, have you heard your husbands complain about how we get to use makeup, but they don’t want to shine either? Well, cornstarch has no color, it’s not embarassing for them to buy and if they get caught with a little extra on their face, they can just tell people they were making you a cake.

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2Sky vodka keeps your hair shinyShiny hair

You’ve all heard that a rinse with vinegar and water will give your hair shine, right? Have you tried it, only to end up smelling like vinaigrette all day? Yeah, we’ve done it too. There is another option. Vodka.

We know you’d rather drink it, but it only takes a little. We like to mix a shot in with a bowl of water and pour it over our heads before we step out of the shower. We recommend a flavored vodka like Skyy Vodka’s new Dragonfruit. It smells delicious and it will make your hair super shiny. If some gets in your mouth, well, we promise not to tell anyone.


Olive oil keeps your hair shiny

Olive oil is good for your heart and tastes delicious. It’s also a great moisturizer. We use it as a cuticle smoother, an eye cream in a pinch and to smooth away frizzies. (Just a touch if you’re using it in your hair.) It’s also great to run a bit through long hair before you go to the beach. It keeps it glowing and shiny. Post beach, smooth a little over your skin the keep from peeling.

Do you wear water proof mascara? It also works great as a makeup remover. Trust us. It’s far cheaper than buying one of those bi-level removers that leave you all greasy.

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This is just the beginning! Stay tuned to SheKnows Beauty for more tips and tricks from the kitchen!

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