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Decorating Diva: Travel-inspired home decor


Travel inspired bedroom

Get inspired by hotels

Travel means staying in hotels, and we’ve all had those moments when we first walk into a gorgeous hotel room or new trendy resort and wonder how to capture some of that breezy style back at home. As a traveler by trade and home fashion design lover at heart, Salmela has been lucky enough to have seen some of the finest, trendiest and chic-est hotel decors in the world. She provides her tips for bringing beautiful hotel style into your home.

1Conversation areas

Like every hotel lobby, a great hotel-inspired home needs a place to convene and converse. Salmela suggest pairing eclectic pairs of chairs with accent drink tables to mimic conversation areas you’d find in a hotel lobby. Mix items that contrast, like something masculine and feminine, or formal and casual, for a unique look.

2Statement beds

The bed is the single most important item that anchors a hotel suite, so pick your bed first when designing your bedroom, and let everything else in the room be dictated by that focal point.

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3Exotic prints

Hotels don’t go with ordinary, so look at signature pieces that make bold statements. Interesting textiles and exotic prints – on anything from pillows to bed sheets – add travel-inspired charm to your home.


Lucite is a definite must-have hotel-inspired material, Salmela suggests. It literally adapts to any style that it’s paired with, making modern styles more glamorous, and classic or traditional styles a bit fresher.

5Add one statement piece

Hotels are spaces that can go over the top with eccentric shapes and sizes. You can do the same, just in a smaller way. Pick a spot in your home to show off a one-of-a-kind conversation piece. It could be a coffee table or wall hanging or even a sculpture – the point is to find something people notice.

Salmela says travel is also her greatest source of continual education, and something that makes her a better designer. “I get to see different architecture and furniture styles and wood types that I wouldn’t get to see at home,” she says. “It helps me know what else is out there, available for me to use for myself and clients.”

Happy travels!

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