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Decorating tips for moving in together

Moving in together can be a huge milestone in your relationship, but it’s a big change that could also lead to conflict. You may be used to living alone and doing and having things a certain way, so follow these tips to help make that transition easier.

Couple moving in together and decorating

1Pick a room

You should each pick a room and go crazy! Choose a room or space where each of you can have complete creative control and put all those things you love and they hate.

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2Start with a clean slate

You don’t have to completely redo every room, but the bedroom is a good place to start from scratch. This space will be special to both of you, so pick a theme together and have fun.

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3Get creative

Incorporate both of your tastes and items, and get creative by trying to transform items to fit the decor. Add your throw pillow to his recliner, reupholster furniture, paint or stain the coffee table and try to repurpose some items. Take his bathroom mirror and put it in the living room, reframe his pictures and yours and hang them in the same room for an eclectic feel. This is a joint space, so take advantage and create a joint feel.

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4Don’t assume

Moving in together can be a delicate situation so don’t assume anything and keep an open dialogue. Remember that there may be some attachment to certain items, so tread softly and be sensitive when expressing your feelings about incorporating certain items into the new joint living space.

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5Keep it neutral

Paint the walls a neutral color that you both agree on and that will match most items in your living space. A warm yellow, cool beige, or steel gray are all nice backdrops for a diverse living environment.

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Talk about the amount of money you can spend on decorating. Money is the No. 1 cause of divorce, so remember to keep the lines of communication open and set a budget that works for both of you.

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7Size matters

Bear in mind the size of your partner when picking out furniture — you want them to be just as comfy as you are when you sit on the couch to watch a movie after dinner. Think about this when picking out a bed and dining room table as well — you don’t want him to be uncomfortable in his own home.

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8Design boards

Have fun and make a design board with magazine clippings, paint chips and anything else that inspires your vision of the new living space. Have your partner do the same, then try to create a board together and take that to the furniture store and home depot as you begin the decorating process.

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