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5 Ways to make your car get better mileage

Memorial Day is typically synonymous with outrageous gas prices. Since many families hit the road to visit family or to take advantage of a long holiday weekend to get away, prices of gas soar to meet rising demand. So to keep costs down and still have enough money to enjoy those few, coveted days off, here are five tips to help ensure your car gets better gas mileage during all that Memorial Day driving.

1Drive ABOUT 55 MPH

According to Forbes, observing the speed limit can save drivers as much as 49 cents on the gallon. Additionally, 55 miles per hour is the optimal speed for getting the most efficient gas mileage, since air drag and air pressure become more of an impediment above that speed, and driving below that speed doesn’t use the engine efficiently.

2Make sure tires are properly inflated

Driving with tires that are partially inflated can seriously hinder good gas mileage. By keeping them properly inflated, you can easily increase your gas mileage by 3 to 4 percent.

3Don’t accelerate or brake suddenly

Easing onto the accelerator can help you save gas since you’re using your car more sensibly. Being less aggressive with stopping and accelerating has been known to help gas mileage by up to 20 percent.

4Clean out excess junk

The more weight inside your vehicle, the worse gas mileage your car will get. This is due to basic aerodynamics — adding unnecessary pounds to your car can actually cut your fuel economy by as much as 5 percent.

5Keep windows rolled up and use air conditioner at highway speeds

The drag from open windows on the highway slows down your car more than the small drain on the electrical system from the air conditioner.

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