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4 Gadgets to make traveling easier

Traveling can be a logistical nightmare, with baggage fees, multiple pieces of luggage and the stress of making it to the airport and through the security lines on time. Add that to everyone’s wish to have a good time and create lasting memories, and sometimes a vacation can be the polar opposite of a relaxing experience for the parents coordinating it. Instead of getting overwhelmed, look to these four helpful gadgets that will make traveling – especially with a family – a whole lot easier.

TRUCO Carry-on Luggage1TRUCO Carry-on Luggage

The TRUCO (Travel Utility Carry On) luggage set is an innovative way to pack and stack your luggage. It consists of three components — a small carry-on suitcase, a briefcase and a laptop bag — that stack perfectly to transform into a still-small carry-on bag. Even better, each component snaps on and off, so if you end up needing to downgrade the size of your carry-on once onboard, you can snap a piece off and keep it under your seat on the flight.

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2Balanzza Mini Luggage Scale

Balanzza Mini Luggage Scale

Having a luggage scale when traveling today is important because it can save you a good bit of money in overweight baggage fees and checked bag fees, not to mention the time spent re-distribute baggage contents to avoid overweight fees. The Balanzza Mini Luggage Scale is small enough to fit into any handbag or camera bag, and is beyond easy to use. Just strap the handle to your luggage handle, turn on the device and pick up your luggage with the device’s handle. It only takes a few seconds to determine weight and it comes in both gray and green.

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AViiQ Portable Laptop Stand3AViiQ Portable Laptop Stand

This sleek, almost weightless laptop stand folds up into a small sliver of metal and slips into a suede carry-on bag. Weighing in at a teeny 5.5 ounces, it’s perfect for traveling, especially when you have a laptop that you need to balance at a precarious angle to be able to type and work efficiently.

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Joby Gorillapod Magnetic4Joby Gorillapod Magnetic

The Gorillapod is an odd-looking device that has flexible joints, allowing you to twist and manipulate it to create a sort of tripod for your camera or small video camera (like a Flipcam). It comes equipped with a 1/4″ tripod screw and has magnetic legs so that you can attach it to metal things in order to capture the perfect shot.

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