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Everyone loves Princess Kate: And her dress!

Did Catherine Middleton and royal wedding dress designer Sarah Burton pull off the best-kept secret in the history of fashion this morning when she stepped out in a gorgeous Alexander McQueen dress? It was exactly what a lot of us fashion insiders were hoping for — and the dress was a stunner.

Kate Middleton in her wedding dress

Kate Middleton’s wedding dress

“Kate is a natural royal beauty and she was regally magnificent, but the dress was disappointing to the American bridal eye. We expected it to be more of a royal celebration dress, which in our view would be a little grander and more modern — perhaps a dress with the dimensional floral motifs that designers such as Monique Lhullier or Vera Wang are showing,” agrees Nancy Aucone, co-founder, The Wedding Salon of Manhasset (Manhasset, NY).

We absolutely loved Princess Catherine’s dress. It was elegant, understated and yet she looked radiant — very, very Grace Kelly.

“The dress was made to fit Princess Catherine signature style that is fitted in the waist. I had a hunch that it would be lace because lace it very big this season. Loved her veil too, it just blended so well,” says Gabriela Fuentes, well-known wedding photographer of The Wedding Central.

“Although people are saying the bouquet was too small, I thought it was perfect because it complimented her style and she carried it with grace; for me that is that a bouquet should be,” says Fuentes.

Kate’s dress was a brilliant departure from the frou-frou of the past. Diana’s dress was way too fluffy, and you could barely see her beneath all the miles of fabric. We doubt that the dress was even her personal choice because at that point in her life, she was simply doing what she was told. That is not Kate on any level. She is her own woman (and we love that!). Perhaps this is what happens when people get married after having a few extra years to grow up — and also not wed in the ’80s?

Kate’s dress is definitely a reflection of her personality — elegant and to-the-point. It says that the couple plans to be much more accessible and part of today’s move toward living more simply. There was no impression of conspicuous consumption — perhaps it would have been better if the veil had a little more “body” to it, butit didn’t overwhelm her. This is a dress that the average woman can copy for her own wedding and not look ridiculous.

Princess Catherine making a grand entrance with her wedding dress

“The Alexander McQueen gown was an ideal fit to show off her classic and sophisticated style,” agrees David’s Bridal style council member Nicole Brewer. “While she did not make a fashion statement, the lace bodice and fitted long sleeves, V-neckline and lace-trimmed veil highlighted her simple elegant style we have all grown to love. With a gown mimicking Grace Kelly’s, we believe the future of the royals is in good hands with a Princess who focused on keeping the royal family traditions in mind with her own wedding to Prince William.”

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