An extravagant nursery for Mariah Carey’s twins

The Life & Style featuring an eight page spread of Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon’s nursery for their boy/girl twins hit the stands and we have just one word: Wow! While it may be a little too over-the-top for most of us, not to mention far beyond our budgets, there are several elements of the nursery that might serve as inspiration for your nursery decor. Keep reading for more info and pictures!

Mariah Carey's Nurser

Last week, we got a sneak peak into Mariah Carey’s nursery for her twins. Now that the Life & Style edition featuring picture after picture of the nursery is on the stands, we can break it all down. A nursery costing over $100,000 isn’t realistic for very many people, but we can draw inspiration from the design and pieces.

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Shoes for Mariah Carey's twins

Shoes galore

Most expectant moms hit the stores and stock up on both baby essentials and fun baby clothes. Carey and Cannon have no problem helping their babies develop a love for shoes. Each of the twins has ten pairs of shoes. Even cuter? The tiny little roller booties – they don’t work, of course, but they make adorable decorative pieces. You can look for small, fun baby items to use as dresser decorations, too.

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Mementos for Mariah Carey's twins

Tea for Two

Babies can’t sit at a table and sip tea, but they do grow into toddlers who can. Sweet little table and chair sets make a mini and cute addition to any nursery.

Carey’s celeb friends gifted her with a darling table and chair set from the owner of GaGa Designs, Shalena Smith. While the set in Carey’s nursery isn’t listed on the website — possibly because it was a custom gift — similar GaGa table and chair sets cost between $160 and $200.

Childhood Mementos

Now here’s something you can afford to do — and a touch that will make your baby’s nursery extra special. Carey framed an original, handwritten poem she penned as a child and hung it on the wall. Additionally, she framed a sweet self-portrait she drew as a young girl. Cannon contributed a childhood certificate of achievement. All of the pieces add a nostalgic feeling and can be done for nearly no cost.Crib for Mariah Carey's twins

Cribs fit for royalty

We saw the cribs in the Bel Air nursery, but nursery number two in New York is just as extravagant. Mariah Carey went for a gender-neutral look when choosing cribs for her boy/girl twins for their NYC nursery. She selected cribs by AFK Furniture, the same company that made the cribs that are in the Bel Air nursery (at $3,650 each).

While definitely gender-neutral, the cribs in the NYC nursery are quite intricate. (So is the price – each crib costs $3,594). The model is called Cherubini and it features appliqued molding and caning. While it might be a little much — both in price and design — for an average nursery, the company does sell more toned down and functional (read: convertible) cribs.

Signature pieces: Butterflies

Mariah Carey’s signature graphic is butterflies, and she certainly didn’t miss an opportunity to incorporate them into her babies’ nursery. A cute tissue cover adorned in butterflies sits on table, as well as a decorative butterfly dish.

You can easily take a page out of Carey’s book and incorporate your favorite item, animal or theme into your baby’s nursery. Carey managed to do so in a very understated way – it doesn’t detract from the overall nursery, but you know it’s there.

The nursery is obviously over-the-top for most of us, not to mention completely unaffordable. However, if you break it down into pieces, you can easily be inspired by Mariah Carey’s nursery for her twins.

PHOTO CREDIT: Nursery photography by Lisa Rose for Life & Style

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